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What is wrong if you can smell antifreeze from the AC vents and the engine starts to overheat when stopped but goes back down when moving?


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2010-04-11 00:03:20
2010-04-11 00:03:20

Check the floor on the pass side. It is probablly wet and the heater core is leaking. This is a pretty big job and if you want to change it your self, get a manual from the parts store or AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM

AnswerHate to tell you, but changing the heater core may get rid of the antifreeze smell from the vents, but it won't solve the overheating problem. You need a new fan clutch (if you have rear wheel drive). If you have front wheel drive, you probably need a new electric cooling fan or cooling fan motor.

It's pretty simple to understand. When you stop, the cooling fan comes on to pull more air through the radiator. When you start moving again, your speed forces air through.

It's a pretty simple fix, and for most cars should cost less than $150. You can get by with less than $75 if you do it yourself (unless you own a BMW like me--my fan clutch is $225).


I have the same issue, and the fans were not working. My pigtail was loose connected to the sensor, so it was just a bad electrical connection. However, now that my fans are working, its overheating dramatically!

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Because the engine is still running while in neutral. Your problem is probably your radiator or lack of antifreeze. Antifreeze serves as what it's name implies and as as a coolant. Additionally since the automobile is not moving forward the radiator is not receiving ventilation provided by the incoming air.

Engine coolant is what I'm assuming you are talking about. Engine coolant is a mix of water and etholyn glycol (antifreeze). It pulls heat away from your engine block that builds up from the friction of moving parts. The coolant mix allows the coolant to get cold to a point and not freeze because of the etholyn glycol. It is also not good to put straight antifreeze into your engine because antifreeze does not have as much cooling potential as water antifreeze mix. Also if you have just antifreeze in your engine the antifreeze will boil at a much lower temperature than a mix of aproxamalty 50/50.

There is insufficient airflow for cooling

Oil is required to lubricate all the moving parts, without oil these parts would overheat with excessive friction and seize within minutes, the engine would be ruined.

It will run but not for very long. No oil pump means no oil will be moving throughout the engine to lubricate and cool the engine. The engine will overheat, bearings & rings will wear and in a short amount of time the engine will lock up and self destruct.

In an automobile engine with no oil it will self destruct in short order. It will start to overheat immediately after starting and all moving parts will start to experience sever wear. In a few minutes the engine will seize.

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The engine will overheat & seize due to lack of oil. A 2 stroke needs a fuel oil mix to lubricate it's moving parts.

Any belt in a car assists in moving all parts within the engine to work in providing power and cooling to vehicle. The alternator provides power to the battery and the fan cools the radiator so the engine will not overheat.

the engine will run hot and eventually it will blow on younot true.. if you have no oil in your engine it will not last long enough to overheat... the force of the pistons moving will cause so much friction, add that to the lack of lubrication and your engine will seize up and never work again...

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Oil is used to lubricate the engine and help keep it cool. Without oil the engine would overheat and all the moving parts rubbing together would soon wear so bad that the engine would seize and basically self destruct in a very short amount of time.

If you have antifreeze coming out of your oil pan you're in trouble. Knock comes from poorly combusting gas/air mixture in the cylinders. Engines need oil to lubricate the pistons moving in the cylinders and the crankshaft, gears and mechanisms controlling the valves. If you have antifreeze coming out of your oil pan, that probably means you have a cracked engine block because antifreeze circulates in the cooling system, which is supposed to be entirely separate from the oil circulating. More likely is that the antifreeze is leaking out of one of the pipes or hoses, especially at connecting points, and dribbling down the side of the engine to the oil pan at the bottom of the engine, and it just looks like it has come out there. If the engine loudly knocks all the time it may be a thrown rod.

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One way is: with a cold engine, take off the radiator cap, start the engine and let it run to operating temp, and look into the radiator to see if you see any coolant flowing usually from one side of the radiator to the other. If you look in the radiator and the coolant is not moving, then your water pump is probably gone, and don't overheat your engine. Without coolant flowing through the engine you cna overheat the engien and cause severe damage.

Is it full of antifreeze? Does the engine come up to temperature? Does it sound/feel like the temp control is moving anything?

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