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You could have many things causing this. I would first check fuel pressure. You should also replace your fuel filter if you havent already done this. I hope this helps as it could be many other things.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 04:20:48
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Q: What is wrong if you cant get your truck to stay running long anough to idle What could be causing this?
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Why is your truck running hot without a thermostat?

Could be a bad water pump.

Do you need to have your truck running when you bleed the brakes?

No - you do not need to have the truck running.

What is causing Gas leaking from top of tank on 1989 Dakota 4x4 when truck is running?

Possible broken/cracked fuel return line.

Why won't my truck shut off?

If your truck is dieseling or running on, it could be that the fuel is too rich. Try using a lower octane of fuel.

What causes oil light to stay on until truck warms up 2000ford expedition?

the oil pressure in the engine rises when the truck is warming up causing the light to show, if continues after the truck has been running, change oil and oil pump.

What is causing gas to run out while the engine is running from directly under the cab of your Mazda truck?

Sounds to me like you may have rotted fuel lines.

What could be causing your 1996 Nissan PU to flood out and not spin over Spark plugs are soaked Truck was running great and stopped in middle of road?

bad coil? check for spark. make sure your getting power to your coil from ignition.

How can a truck not have gas in it?

By running out of it.

Why are running boards used on trucks?

A running board is a narrow step under the side door of a truck. Running boards are used for easier entry into a truck, especially a truck with a high entrance. Running boards are also used as a fashion statement.

Why would my 1996 ford 150 truck just stopped running while driving?

could be the fuel pump

Do you leave truck plugged in after truck is running?

No. You unplug the block heater BEFORE you start the truck.

Why does transfer case vibrate front wheels on a 2001 Ford truck?

It could be the U joints from the transfer case causing the problem.

What is the problem with restarting truck after running for awhile?

if it won't start at all after running it could be vapor locked. try opening the gas cap for a minute and see if that works.

Why does my windshield shake when my truck AC is running?

The truck needs a tune up.

Why does the transmission fluid only leak when the truck is running?

The pump is only on when running.

Do you have to have the truck running when you refill the ac?


When the Chevrolet silerado truck is running the lights wont work but when you shut the truck off they turn on?

Daytime running light module may be the problem

Will your truck run rough if your coil pack is loose?

Technically it will not cause the truck to run rough. Depending on what year the truck is. If its a 2000 or higher then it might have to be secure. But If your truck is running rough, it's either going to be spark plugs and wires, cap or rotor, coil pack, or fuel filter. I have just had this problem with my 1990 Chevy truck. The coil pack was loose, but that wasn't causing the problem. It was because the coil pack was bad. If you are having these problems check the minor things first. Mostly something electrical will be causing this problem.

How many volts is 300 watts?

300 watts is not any volts. Watts are how much power is being used regardless of the voltage. For example you could have a 300 watt spot light in a truck running off the 12 volt system in the truck or you could have a 300 watt security light on your house running off of 120 volts.

Why does my truck sound quiet when it is in park but if you put it in gear it sounds like a louder diesel car?

Because in park it doesn't use much gas, but in drive it uses more and this could be causing detonations due to valve timing or sticking. It could also be a cracked manifold or damaged gasket. Both can cause loud running noises.

How can you override a kill switch on a 1999 Chevy Silverado?

I had a problem with my 1999 silverado bacause of a faulty fuel pump it was causing my truck to cut off after running for a minute or two. After getting under the truck and listening to the fuel pump whine I was then able to determine that the pump was in need of replacement. The truck runs great now that I have replaced the pump. I didn't know what to do for my truck to get it running right so I replaced ignition coils, control modules, and even straight wired my ignition so the relay's wouldn't cause my truck not to crank properly.

How much wood could a woodchuck truck if a woodchuck could truck wood?

depends on how big the bed of the truck is

What could be causing water to come from center of truck right behind front wheels on 1997 Chevrolet 1500 truck?

If it is clear water it is probably just condensation from the air conditioner and nothing to worry about. Condensation forms on the a/c unit and hoses much like water forms on the outside of a glass of iced tea. If you haven't been running the a/c or if the water is not clear you should have it checked out.

What is the steps called on the side of the truck?

Running board.

Why does your 1986 GM truck bog out and die when taking off?

Could be timing or carburetor running too rich/lean or could be cold blooded and needs time to warm the oil.