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paperclip, or something small, or blow air through the nozzle. its just clogged.

Answeryour washer tubing or spray nozzles may be clogged. You can remove the tubing from the spray nozzles on the hood and run a small piece of wire in them to clean it. if the tubing is clogged then replace it, it is cheap. try that only if the washer pump is working, you should hear it run when you hit the switch.

A relay switch could be faulty, or a connection in the steering column is bad.

To check the hose manually run voltage from the battery, too the pump (+ -), that will tell you if the if the pump works, electrically, and if fluid is coming out the ejectors. if not, take the hose off, and blow threw it, and see if its clear, and no leaks (IE air comes out the ejectors on the hood). If air comes out; then the diaphragm in the pump must be bad (not producing enough suction.)

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Q: What is wrong if you change the windshield washer motor and the fuse is OK but you still get no washing solution pumped out?
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