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Most likely it is You should really see your doctor. What are the causes of bleeding? Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is always of some concern. Significant bleeding (soaking a pad or more) after 20 weeks of pregnancy is referred to as an Antepartum Haemorrhage (or 'APH'). Lesser amounts of blood loss may be referred to as 'spotting' or 'scant loss'. Vaginal bleeding before 20 weeks of pregnancy is generally referred to as a 'threatened miscarriage'. You can read more about this in bleeding during early pregnancy. The main causes of vaginal bleeding after 20 weeks of pregnancy that could amount to an antepartum haemorrhage (if heavy enough) are bleeding from the woman's cervix or her vaginal area (about 50 - 60% of the time), a low-lying placenta known as 'placenta previa' (about 20- 25% of the time), the placenta separating from the wall of the uterus, known as 'placental abruption' (about 20- 25% of the time) or unusual conditions known as 'vasa previa' or 'velamentous Insertion'(

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Q: What is wrong if you do not have a period for three months and then it comes heavy with dark blood?
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What does having a heavy period mean?

It means when a lot of blood comes out

How much blood comes out during your period?

It depends if you have a heavy flow or not and what point in your period you're at.

What does heavy flow mean?

A lot LOT of blood from your period. Not too much but I Jace heavy flows during the middle of my period. A heavy flow is when more blood comes in your period than a normal flow. Don't worry. I have aheavy flow right now.

What does it mean if your period is light than heavy?

if you have a heavy period that means you have a LOT of blood coming out the whole time you have it. if you have a light period that means there is only a little bit that comes the entire time your on your period.

If you did not get your period for two months and then started a heavy period does that mean you had a miscarriage?

this is possible

What would cause heavy clotting during a period and bleed for two months straight?

what would cause heavy clotting during a period and bleed for two months straight

What if you had a period that was very heavy and cramps were bad and there was a lot of blood clot looking things?

that's just a heavy period

Is it ok to have heavy brown blood flow in early pregnancy?

first go to the doctor, second I had a period the first three months with both of my pregnancy's. If the flow is brown that usually means old blood. Are you cramping? How heavy is the flow? Foremost GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

How much blood comes out of a girl when she has her period?

Every women is diffrent, some just spot, some have heavy flows with blood clots, others only have light flows , depends on your body.

What does brown or black blood during your period mean if you have had red and brown spotting off and on through your entire cycle for about two months?

Brown blood is old blood & usually occurs at the begining of your period or towards the end of your period. It can also occur a few days after your period finished. Black blood is exactly the same, except for this is blood that's been released which contains a lot of Hemoglobin which gives blood its red colour. This can occur after a heavy period or irregular period with varying cycles. If concerned then see your Doctor as a examination would be a good idea as this has been going on for 2 months now.

I missed my period last month and i thought i was pregnant then all of a sudden i started my period but its heaver then usually is that good or bad?

Thats just a period they can be heavy or light some months or all months they can be heavy but its better when your having a light period because you don't feel ewwy

Should you go to the emergency room if you have been having your period for 6 months with heavy bleeding and blood clots as well as cramping?

i was on my period for nine monthes and had the heavy with bloodclots and to be honest i almost died you are probally aneimic like i was and they had to give me a blood transfusion so if i was you i would definatly go soon to ensure your not stuck in the hospitial like i was.

What if period is heavy flow of bright red blood?

Then that's normal.

When just getting off Depo-Provera should you period be heavy?

Yes because u havent a period for 3 months its old blood that never came out the uterus dnt worry i am exactly the same.

If you missed your period for 2 months then came on bleeding heavy are you pregnant?

I would go and get a home pregnancy test, take it, If it comes back positive, obviously youre pregnant.f it comes back negative, go to a doctor ASAP.

Does Doxycycline affect your period?

Yes it does, comes after two weeks but not very heavy

What can cause your period to be off and on for two months and very heavy?

It deppends on when you had your last one.

Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

How much blood is in a girls period?

It depends on how heavy the period is average is a few tea spoons of blood, it's only your womb lining shredding

What does it mean when your menstrual comes early with cramps and is heavy and lasts only two days?

Miscarriage? or just heavy period?

Is it normal for eleven years old girl to have heavy period for 7 days?

It is extremely normal there are girls who get their periods at 8 years old so you shouldn't be worried, and I believe it is impossible to have a period for 10 months (Anyone that has had it that long needs to be checked out! And even then it wouldn't be a period!!!) It is also quite normal to get your period and then it doesn't come back for months then it comes back and doesn't come back for months but eventually it will become regular.

Can a women get a bucket of blood from her period?

Perhaps. Some women do have a heavy flow.

Why does the blood from vagina comes out heavy?

It's the shedding of the blood lining your uterus. It's not quite clotted, but is not as liquid as the blood in your veins.

How do you slow down heavy blood flow during a menstrual period?

drink lots of water it thins the blood

Why did you spot and days later you started period then spotted again?

because your period is going to be heavy if you do that were a pad 5 days before your period comes on