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It sounds like either a calcium deposit or palup. Either way, it isn't a threat. Doctors often remove them as a cosmetic procedure, talk to yours to see what your insurance covers.

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Q: What is wrong if you have a tiny flesh-colored lump on your bottom eyelid but it is not painful itchy or weepy?
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Can strep make your throat itchy or scratchy?

Yes, and painful to swallow.

Whats wrong with your vagina if it is itchy and painful?

You have an infection or STD go the doctor.

What is reason for red itchy painful ears?

its pimples... inflamation of the sebaceus gland of the skin..

What rash moves around body and is painful but not itchy?

Have you had chickenpox? If so, could be shingles.

What's Raised large red painful itchy lump on chin?

A bug bite.

What are the White itchy hard bumps on bottom of feet?

Same thing I have.

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What could be the cause of an itchy painful swollen dry vagina with no discharge?

A yeast infection. It can clear by itself or you can get meds from the pharmacy.

What is this in the corner of my mouth It is itchy and fairly painful?

Potential a small spot of cold sore. If it continues seek medical advice

You have an itchy pain at the bottom of your throat what is wrong?

Well, obviously you have strep or a sore thorat!!!

What are the causes of a itchy bottom?

The causes of an itchy bottom isprickly heat which is caused after a part of your body is cold then straight away it gets warm eg.Playing outside in the winter then going indoors and sitting by the fire! I hope this answers your question!

Is blepharitis curable?

Although there is no complete cure for this eye condition, it can be treated through following eyelid hygiene and using certain medications like eye drops that contain antibiotics. Blepharitis is a condition in which there is eyelid inflammation accompanied by other symptoms like red eyes and itchy eyelids.

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