What is wrong if you have stomach cramps and chest pains at the same time?

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Gas, most likely
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What can cause stomach pains and leg cramps and discharge?

Answer . First i would get a physical and then STD test. ANSWER. I don't think it would be quite that ^ bad. If you've never had a period before you are probabley about to start. If you have had one before.....whatever. You should know your symptoms by now.And maybe your pregnate.Maybe you just ( Full Answer )

If your period is 3 days later than usual when they are always on time and then you had 2 days of bleeding and severe stomach cramps could you be pregnant or could there be something wrong?

Answer . Well your period is not always on time, sometimes you can be quite late but no, there is nothing wrong its natural. Unless you have been on the tablets that stop your period and you overdose by 4weeks like i did. Not fun. Sometimes you can get very pianful stomach cramps but next time yo ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples and sharp pains in your breasts and cramping in your stomach with lower back pains and a missed period plus nausea and headaches?

The missed period suggest you may be pregnant, take a test. If it comes up negative see a doctor as you may have a hormonal problem. answer Hi missed period can be caused by stress, age and diet. Some girls have irregular periods which can be a longer cycle or it can cause a period to skip a ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you went to the emergency room for chest pains and they saw nothing wrong with your chest but the pain still continues?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou need to go to your personal doctor and get more thorough tests. An emergency room is only intended to provide immediate, life saving services. You cannot expect your local emergency room to find out why you have a pain, but there are several other possibilities that ca ( Full Answer )

How can i tell the difference between stomach cramps from laxatives period pain or prenancy?

Answer . Stomach cramps from laxatives will follow ingestion and will last until the bm occurs Menstral pain usually has a predictable pattern. Headache, bloating, heaviness in lower abdomen or back and sometimes nausea. Pregnancy doesn't usually hurt in the beginning. If it does you are at ri ( Full Answer )

Could I be pregnant if I feel tired all the time and have cramp-like pains in my stomach?

Answer . It's very difficult to say. It depends mainly on whether you've missed your period & had unprotected sex recently. Of course in a menstruating women, pregnancy is always a possibility.. See your Doctor for a check up. Many things, beside pregnancy, can cause your symptoms.. Please not ( Full Answer )

You have pains in your heart and left side of your chest and lower stomach what does this mean but it only happens once and awhile but can happen for long periods at a time?

Answer . Any chest pains should be taken very seriously and not left uninvestigated. The symptoms described can indicate heart attack. You should call for help immediately as doctors and ambulance staff prefer the possibility of a false alarm than the many cases they see where the person has igno ( Full Answer )

Are regular stomach cramps in the morning the same as morning sickness during pregnancy?

Answer \n. \nWell usually, the cramps will feel like period cramps, but it will be in your uterus. If you feel nauseated or queasy, just sick to your stomach, that's morning sickness. Kinda feels like the flu. Some women throw up with it, but not all women. I have 3 children and I haven't thrown ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if you have a tightening sensation and pain in the middle of the lower chest while breathing?

I wish your question was more specific because right off the bat it sounds scary.Are you exercising really hard?Are you elderly and have an accompanied left arm pain? Are you or have you recently been ill with asthma, phemonia, bronchitis...etc? How long has this been happening? I hope you are still ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with you Im 8 weeks pregnant and you get very painful stomach cramps fluttering nausea and dizziness after eating also it hurts worse when you lay on right side I dont want to eat?

I feel for you!! I am not saying this is what is happening to you..as I am no Doctor, but these same simptoms happened to me when I was about 5-6wks prego. I thought these were normal pregnancy symptoms so I did not think anything of it, plus I was awaiting my 1st OB visit to verify I truly was preg ( Full Answer )

If you have wheezy chest cough and pain in the stomach what is it?

Sounds like you could have a Bronchial Infection. Get to your GP for Antibiotics. Asthma is possible even if you don't have it, it can develop in adulthood, stop smoking the cancer stick too it doesn't help, also don't smoke the green stuff either it will harm your lungs too.

Can sleeping the wrong way cause chest pain?

Yes it can. I'm currently having chest pains from sleeping the wrong way. Be sure to take ibuprofen & try to relax as much as possible. You may find it difficult to take deep breaths but don't worry. Just let the pain go away by itself & try to sleep on your back at night to give your chest a rest f ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have stomach cramps?

Lay down put a heating pad on your tummy or small of your back, take aspirin or Mitol, drink hot tea, and stay away from sugars and caffeine.

Can there be something wrong when chest is painful?

You should see a doctor soon. Chest pain can be an indicator of heart problems, pneumonia or upper respiratory infection, a broken or bruised rib or even hypertension and anxiety. I cannot hurt to play it safe.

What is stomach cramp?

A stomach cramp is when the muscles in your stomach tighten up. Which could be cause by numerous things such as: period cramps, needing to make a boul movement, stress and illness.

I am not sure if I am pregnant but if I am then I am anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks how would I know if I am I am having back pains and feel sick all the time and my stomach feels like its cramping?

That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious. I would do a pregnancy test - probably best if you visit a doctor.\n That looks suspicious ( Full Answer )

Reoccurring pain in your chest What could be wrong with you?

Pain in the chest is most often associated with GI disturbance leading to production of Gas in the body. this gas tries to push/displace heart and other organs in the body. therefore there is an intense pain in the chest. pain the chest could also be associated due to problem related to heart. mos ( Full Answer )

Why lifting hand causes chest pain at times?

The shoulder part of our body has muscles which holds our arm bones in hand with that of shoulder bones and runs to the chest too. So while much work is done by hand it causes chest pain. .

Are stomach pains while pregnant the same as period pains?

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps. If you're pregnant and feel like you have menstrual cramps, call your doctor or go to the hospital. I have 4 children myself. There is no better way to describe the onset of labor than it feels like you are getting ready to start your period.

What is wrong if you have severe chest and back pain?

Could be one of two things , possibly both. You could have food poisoning (unlikely) I was playing with my computer chair , and bent it in toward my lower back whilst sitting on it , it cracked my back , but I now have nerve damage , trouble swallowing/breathing along with sleeping. To be Honest I ( Full Answer )

Why do you always get stomach pain around the same time of year?

yearly would be too long to be a normal body cycle, so it must be related to something you do or eat or something seasonally available. What do you only have available this time of year? Apples, peaches, pears, corn, turnips? Seasonal food or drink, maybe a yearly custom like state fair, your birthd ( Full Answer )