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There are a few possibilities. If the water comes out of the faucet but is cold, then the burner (on a gas unit) or the heating element (on an electrical unit) is not functioning. Check the pilot light. Is it lit? If not, follow the lighting instructions. Is the emergency kill switch (on the wall) in the correct position? Is gas flowing to the unit? Check the valve. For electrical units, did you check the circuit breaker? For either gas or electric units, did you check the position of the thermostat? Perhaps it's improperly set or is defective. Make sure you do not have a washer hose hooked up to your water system while trying to get hot water. The cold water will be infused otherwise.

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Q: What is wrong if you just had your hot water heater replaced and there is absolutely no hot water?
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What could be wrong if you are not getting hot water from your water heater?

Check the heating elements in the water heater. These may be bad and need replaced.

What could be wrong with the heater in 2000 Dodge stratus that blows cool air you already replaced the thermostat?

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How can I fix my water heater so that the water doesn't go cold after 10 minutes?

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Your temperature gauge indicates overheating but water and oil levels are fine and heater works what is wrong?

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