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The bearings on the crankshaft are worn out. A complete engine overhaul is needed.

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What could be wrong engine knocking then stopped running on an 89 ford ranger?

It may have lost oil pressure. Is the oil full? Insufficient oil is the most common but not the only cause of low oil pressure.

Can a starter being installed wrong cause engine knocking?

no installig a starter wrong will not cause engine knocking. all that will do is maybe short fuses, heat up wires, ruin your starter, or melt wires. knocking isn't electrical it is mechanical like lifters, pistons, valves, things like that

What is lead petrol?

This is petrol to which tetraethyl lead has been added to reduce knocking in the engine. Knocking is when combustion happens at the wrong time in the engine cycle giveing a kind of metallic "ping" sound.

How can you stop your engine from knocking?

There are some engines that will "KNOCK" if the wrong oil filter is used but in most cases the engine must be disassembled and repaired

Pontiac grand am and it is knocking at the back of the motor what could be wrong?

Internal knocking inside the engine is almost always a sign of worn bearings. Crankshsft, or rod bearing would be my guess. The fix, if it is internal, is overhaul. Before opening it up, make sure the knocking is indeed coming from inside the engine.

What is the horsepower on a 1989 Chevy Camaro RS 2.8L V6?

The horsepower of a 1989 camaro Rs is 173 horsepower. WRONG. The number 173 refers to the cubic inches of the 2.8L engine. The rating of that engine is 135 HP stock.

Engine knocking till warmed up on 04 5.3L Chevy Tahoe?

The engine on your 04 5.3L Chevy Tahoe could be knocking until it warmed up because of a bad fuel-air mixture. . The wrong oil could also be a cause.

What oil type should you use to stop a motor knocking?

Engine oil does not cause a engine knock. It is caused by pre-ignition, which can have many causes, including the wrong grade of fuel octane. Make sure that you are choosing the correct fuel for your vehicle. You may want to take the vehicle to a mechanic, as engine knocking can seriously damage your engine.

What is wrong with 2000 Camry which now has knocking at 86000 miles wo spark plugs it is free of knocking and has equil compression wo visual damage to pistons walls motor dot Camry at yahoo dot com?

A knocking engine can mean any of a number of things, main bearings, rod bearings, wrist pinsw or piston slap. If it's just piston slap, you probably have a lot of miles left in the engine. Anything else means trouble. Does it have an oil pressure switch or an oil pressure gauge? If you have a gauge watch the oil pressure. If it's up at an idle you probably have piston slap or wrist pins. If the oil pressure drops way down it's probably rods or mains. If the knocking goes away after a few seconds it's probably piston slap.

What would it cost to rebuild a Chevrolet Camaro engine?

Your question requires more information from you. What year and size is the motor. What is wrong with yours?

What symptoms auto oil pressure to rise?

The wrong viscosity of oil in your engine.

Can a faulty fuel pressure regulator prevent the fuel pump to send fuel to the engine?

No, the fuel would still be pumped to the engine but it would be at the wrong pressure at the injectors.

Will slick 50 cure a knocking noise?

No it will not. There is something wrong.

How do you know what is wrong with a 96 ford Taurus station when the lifters are knocking oil pressures is low?

Excessive engine wear? bearings Bad oil pump? Oil viscosity too low for age of engine?

Can an oil pan drain gasket cause a engine to start knocking and cause a good engine to go bad if placed on the car wrong?

It could be the cause of the knock only if the gasket was bad and leaked out almost all the oil.

What would cause a knocking noise while engine is running?

Typically not enough oil. Bad spark plugs or the wrong grade of gasoline or a bad O2 sensor can also contribute.

What is wrong with a car if it makes knocking sounds upon acceleration and leaks oil?

Does the knock sound like it is coming from the bottom of the engine or is it more of a tick from the top? How quick do you lose oil?

Why is your 99 jeep grand Cherokee engine knocking It stops knocking when I disconnect 6 injector connector.?

"knocking" is very broad so just a wild guess here. I think the reason the knocking stops when you disconnect the number 6 injector is; you are creating a "floating piston". In other words, this piston and cylinder are no longer producing power, they are no longer under a load, and they are no longer compressing the fuel that you have prevented from being injected into the cylinder. So, if you have something wrong with that cylinder, such as a bad piston, piston pin, connecting rod, rod bearing, etc., you have relieved the pressure which will quiet the knock. Again, just a wild guess!

What would cause your 1989 buick park avenue to knock?

== == I do believe if you hear a knocking noise that your crank shaft could be failing. Which means you will need a new engine. Have it checked out. Replace the harmonic balancer they will make a bad knocking noise. When you start it and the oil light goes out and it knocks, this is what is wrong with it.

My 97 eclipse has knocking sound?

A 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse will produce a knocking sound if the ignition time is set incorrectly. This results in the valves opening at the wrong time.

What causes a 2000 camaro to have reduced engine power?

IS the check engine light on? The computer has the capability of putting the car in a "limp home mode" if somethign is wrong. If no check engine light, your fuel filter may be clogged and blocking fuel or the fuel pump is getting weak.

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