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things to check -are you getting spark to the coil? -are you getting spark to the distributor? -are you getting fire to the plugs -are you getting fuel to the cylinders

In some cases valve damage may have occured.It does happen in the 2.0 and 2.2 Chevy engine If your sure you have done all work correctly check compression. Does the engine seem to turn over real easy unlike it did before the problem?Three thing you need to have an engine run compression fuel and spark

There is one thing I know to do. Make sure you remove a piece of plastic located on the tension bracket on the left side of the chain. This falls off and breaks the chain and twists the crankshaft gear in the process. It's purpose is very dubious but I know from experience what happens. The new parts had very poor indications of the timing set-up and my book(Haynes) was wrong. The small hole in the cam gear is on the opposite side of the center of the cam gear and lines up with the small dot to the inside of the crankshaft gear. These then make a straight line through their centers. At this position both the valves on cyl #1 must be closed. The crankshaft key is almost straight up also.

Make sure you're not 180 degrees off on your timing marks.

Make sure that your # 1 cylinder which is located at the #1 spark plug, is in the up position,this will ensure that you are on the mark when you line up the chain,if not then you will be 180 degree off.

after i put the timing chain in my 92 2.8 s10 it would not start either. book was wrong. I ended up having to rotate the upper gear or "cam" 180 degrees.

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Q: What is wrong if your 1994 Chevy S-10 still will not start after you changed the timing chain and gears?
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