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check your linkage follow it fron the fire wall to the tranny and if it is all in tacked check your fluid level when the car is running and in neutral i just went through this it could be the front pump shaft they break off My torque converter mounting flanges sheared off -- defective torque converter as the vehicle only had 62k miles of easy driving and proper transmission maintenance (fluid and filter changes). This was on a 1995 Taurus -- AODE transaxle. Cost me just under $800 to have the stealership replace same. My bad on the above response; the center tube, which is sleeved in order to receive the transaxle first gear motion shaft, had sheared at the welds to the torque converter body. Not a pretty site. Stealership said that he has seen a number of there. Note: Ford changed suppliers at least once on these torque converters for the AODE transxle.

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What is wrong when my 2008 Ford Taurus S has no reverse?

what is wrong when my 2008 Ford Taurus X has no reverse

What is wrong with a 2000 Ford Taurus automatic transmission that works in reverse but not in any forward gears?

the forward gear clutch pack is worn out. the only solution is to get the transmission rebult.

What is wrong when your car does not want to go at first and just revs up the motor?

Either your gears are not locking at the start or you are in park or neutral or emergency brake on.

Who are the carmine brothers that arnd Daniel?

The Carmine Brothers are 4 Soldiers who are in a war in Gears of war they are very powerfull people there is only 4 and they are. Dayle, Jed, Josh and David WRONG WRONG WRONG there are only three of them that is Anthony, Benjermin, And Clayton. Next time get it right oh and its Gears of War not Wars of Gears.

Why would a '96 Taurus lose power steering and radio?

I had this exact problem on my 1996 Taurus. The solution in my case was to replace the transmission range sensor. I replaced it myself. It was easy to change. I can't say if that is what is wrong with your Taurus, but it was what was wrong with mine. Good Luck! This was also the problem with my '96 Taurus... part was also refferd to a Nuetral Safty Switch"

Speedometor stops working and car stops changing into gears but it works fine after you let it set for awhile?

Something must be wrong. If I were you I would bring it to a micanic. But I think something is wrong between the gears and sterring wheel

Where is the key less entry receiver box on a 2000 Ford Taurus in the trunk?

2000 Ford Taurus keyless entry does notwork what could be wrong?

Why spur gear are not having axial thrust?

This is wrong because it has all the gears are driven.

What is wrong with a 1996 Ford Taurus when you jump start it and it dies when removing cables?

Problem with your alternator, possibly the diode pack or brushes. Remove them, (Can be done without removing the alternator) New unit for this is about $30 .

Who sings the song in gears of war 2 ad?

i think it was devotchica i spelled name wrong

Your riding mower will not turn left?

There is something wrong with the gears or drag link. Check them thoroughly

If a 1993 Mercury Tracer 1.9 5-speed shifted from 5th to 4th at 70mph and there was a loud grinding noise and bad smell and then the gears would shift but had no pull what is wrong?

be prepared to get a new transmission, as you have just blown that one. --------------- Check the clutch. The "bad smell" seems more like he toasted the clutch.

What is wrong with the gears when it is not properly working in a Ford Focus?

Could you specify what exactly is working improperly, and what it is that it is doing wrong? There is a pretty broad spectrum of possibilities there.

What is wrong with a relic watch if the time stops working but the background is still flashing?

There may be something wrong with the gears in your watch. A watch repair shop will be able to check it out and tell you what's wrong with it.

Why wont your car start even though there is nothing wrong with it?

Obviously if it will not start, there IS something wrong with it.

What could be wrong with a 2001 Ford Taurus if all it did was make a clicking sound but would not start?

1. Starter is frozen (bearings seized) 2. Poor contact at starter solinoid 3. Low or dead battery.

What is wrong with a 2006 ford Taurus when your automatic stick just goes back and forth and you cannot drive it it wont go in reverse or drive it stays in park-?

There could be several things wrong with the 2006 Taurus. The car may need transmission fluid or even a new transmission.

What is wrong if you start your car but then you shut it off but it stays running and yes its the engine that is running?

I would "start" with the ignition key switch/cylinder in the steering column.The "Related Questions" below writes about it on the Taurus/Sable, but I'm extremely confident it's relevant to most Ford products...

Does Atlas Shrugged explain the gears on the car?

No, it's a book about philosophy wrote in the style of a mystery and adventure story. It doesn't have any mechanical instruction in it.To add to Stiles's perfect answer above, I will say that the gears on a car are better explained by Murphy's Law which states, "That which can go wrong, will go wrong."

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