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Check your fuse!

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Q: What is wrong if your Ford Ranger turn signals and radio do not work?
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How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio?

How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio

Will a 1994 Ford Ranger factory cassette radio fit a 1993 Ford Ranger?


How do you replace a Ford ranger radio display light?

Replace the radio.

Ford Ranger turn signal?

WHAT IS THE QUESTION? yes ford rangers have turn signals LOL

Why your turn signals not working for 97 ford ranger?

not fuses or relay?

How do you remove radio from 1993 Ford Ranger?

with a crowbar

Where is door chime switch on ford ranger?

On a 99 ford Ranger it is located right next the radio on the drivers side behind the dash. Remove the radio and you will see in bolted on the left side of the radio hole.

Can you put a stock ford ranger CD player in a ranger with only the amfm radio?


How do you remove radio ford ranger 2008?

Go to :

Where is a 1998 Ford Ranger turn signal relay?

i have a 1998 Ford Ranger xlt 4wheel drive, my turn signals went out. where do i find the flash hazard relay?

What causes the turn signals on a 1994 Ford Ranger to stop working?

if only the turn signals are not working,you should replace the flasher can

Fuse box diagram for 1993 Ford Ranger?

what fuse number is for turn signals

Did Ford make a 1994 Ranger 4x4?

I might be wrong, but I think Mazda made the 1994 Ford Ranger $x4.

Where is the factory radio amp located in a 1999 ford ranger?

It is most likely an integrated part of the radio itself.

How do you fix a radio in 1996 Ford Ranger that doesn't come on?

by a new one

Where is the auxiliary cord plug in in your 2002 Ford Ranger?

The 12 volt power point is just to the right of the radio in a 2002 Ford Ranger ( if that's what you are asking ? )

What could be wrong if a 1997 Ford Ranger does not whant to shift?

Auto or Std.?

Where is the wiper control module located on the 1997 ford ranger?

In a 1997 Ford Ranger, the wiper control module is located behind the radio compartment. It sits on the left side of the compartment.

Where is the computer 91 Ford Ranger?

There are two possible mounting locations for the computer in a 91 ford Ranger. One is behind the radio. The second is behind the passenger side kick panel.

Which fuse number is for the radio in ford ranger 2002?

# 29 - 20 amp - for radio # 20 - 7.5 amp - for radio and GEM ( Generic Electronic Module )

1996 ford ranger xlt radio and speedometer quit?

/need to know the reasons on why this happened?

Can you use a transmission from a 1993 Ford Ranger to a 2000 ranger?

can you use a transmission from a 1993 ford ranger in a 2000 ford ranger?

What is the wiring code for the stereo harness FOR MY 1997 FORD RANGER?

there should be a sticker on the radio itself that tells you

Why does radio stop working when 2006 Ford Ranger truck is started?

Possible bad ignition switch

Need reason radio quit in 1996 Ford Ranger xlt?

checked fuse,looks good.