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What is wrong if your LMP was on 17th Sep with cycles 30-31 days hCG levels of 1340 and an ultrasound for pain on Nov 1st showed only a sac?


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November 08, 2007 1:20AM

While some of the signs seem bad, don't lose hope just yet. By the dates you have mentioned, the scan was done when you were six weeks pregnant. At six weeks, an ultrasound should show a sac, a fetal pole, and a heartbeat. You also mentioned the hCG level - this is on the very low side of average for six weeks, but is still within the normal range. A much better indicator is if the levels fall or stabilize so it would be worth asking to be retested.

An important point to note is that you have long cycles. This may be an explanation for why your hCG levels are still apparently low for the number of weeks, and may also explain why the ultrasound looks like one done at five weeks.

I'd be getting the retest on hCG levels...if they haven't fallen or stayed the same, all is probably well and your baby is a little younger than the dates suggest. Should you be going to miscarry, the pain will continue and some bleeding occur. If the pain has continued on, you would need to keep asking for the reason.