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you most likely have a loose or unattached ground wire to some major component.

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Q: What is wrong if your car has a new alternator and the battery seems to be OK but it keeps blowing fuses and no warning lights go on when starting?
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Would alternator connectors cause a battery light to be on?

yes if one of the wires was getting an earth from the alternator cover or rubbing off the engine the battery light is really an alternator light warning you that the alternator is not charging the battery

What does it mean when my Renault Laguna battery charge warning light comes on aswell as the stop light?

Your alternator is defective and not recharging the battery. Have the alternator checked.

Why does the battery charging system warning light come on?

The alternator switches off

When to replace Nissan Altima alternator?

When it is no longer able to keep the system charged. Starting with 2001 model, when the car is started, if you see either the battery warning or the battery along with the brakes warnings on, or intermittently flashing on, you need to have your alternator checked. Otherwise, its fine.

What does battery charge warning mean on Mercedes e320?

Could be the alternator is not charing correctly.

Battery no charge warning?

Sounds to be alternator. Take somewhere to have the charging system tested.

Replaced battery and the battery warning stays on?

check the alternator. Use a digital multimeter and with engine running you should have 13-14 volts at the battery. If less than 12.5 Alternator is not charging Also check the amperage the alternator is putting out.

97 Camry battery warning light comes on and off when braking?

It's alternator time.

What does the battery warning light mean on a 1998 ford e350?

It normally means the alternator is not putting out enough voltage to keep the battery charged and is defective. Can be a loose alternator belt also.

Does the battery light being on mean the alternator is bad?

Not all the time. The alternator warning circuit wiring to the instrument panel could be grounded

What is the meaning of astra battery warning light?

That is the charging system warning light. If it stays on or flickers it means the alternator is not outputting enough voltage to keep the battery charged. With a digital volt meter you should read from 13.5 to 15.5 volts at the battery with the engine running. If not the alternator or the voltage regulator is defective. The voltage regulator is more than likely built into the alternator.

What are symptoms of bad alternator?

There are several signs that an alternator is going bad. A few signs are dim lights, smell, warning lights, and a dead battery.

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