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What is wrong if your car lights radio and air work but the engine just will not even try it just makes a clicking noise or not even a noise at all?


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2005-12-27 16:38:21
2005-12-27 16:38:21

The click is the starter solenoid going over but it's not sending main battery power to the starter motor. If it's a preengaged motor (with the solenoid on top of the motor) then the only thing to check is that the very thick (black) cable is tightly fastened to the motor. If that's OK, then suspect the motor. You sometimes can fix this by giving the starter motor a good tap with a club hammer to free up the mechanism. If the solenoid is fastened to the inner wing somewhere then check the thick cable is connected to the solenoid AND the motor. You can test this one by using an old spanner or screwdriver and short out the two large terminals - BE VERY CAREFUL - take the car out of drive first. Also, this will spark a LOT - mind your eyes. In both cases, check the thick battery cables are connected tightly to the battery and that the earth straps are OK. VERY BAD IDEA!!!! NEVER short out a battery!!!! It's quite possible that you just need a new battery. I've seen it many times where there is plenty of juice to power the lights and radio, but not enough to start the car. (It takes hundreds of amps to start a car, but only 10 amps to run the radio). Could also be the starter solenoid as suggested in the previous post, but please use a battery tester instead of a screwdriver to test a battery.


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