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You may have a blown fuse, or a short in your wiring due to the accident. Take the vehicle to someone who is experienced in workin with automotive electrical.

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Q: What is wrong if your car stereo does not work after an accident?
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Why do i have to disconect car battery for car stereo to work again?

You may have to disconnect and recharge your car battery for your car stereo to work again.

You have Citroen Saxo and the car stereo is displaying error 9 on it?

When you enter the security code wrong on a Citroen Saxo car stereo, it will display an error. If error 9 is displayed on your stereo, you have entered the wrong code nine times and your system is blocked. You will have to wait to enter the code correctly.

How do you know when your car stereo has blown?

when it doesnt work

One-way road had head on with car driving the wrong way who is at fault for the accident?

Car going wrong way

Can an FM transmitter be used in a car?

Yes. FM transmitters will work with a car stereo.

Do you have to tell your employer about a car accident at work?

If you have an accident while at work, or conducting work business, yes, you need to tell them.

When was In Car Stereo created?

In Car Stereo was created in 1983.

What is wrong with actor Morgan freeman's left hand?

He had a car accident remember.

Car stereo turns on but no sound?

Check speaker's connector on the other side of stereo system. If stereo system have fuses, check it also. If stereo system doesn't work anyway, I think, that stereo systems amplifier is broken.

Will the Coby CX-CD1234 Portable CD Player work in the car?

You need a car stereo that it will connect to.

The cds I burn work in my car but not on my stereo?

Car stereos often play both MP3 format and CD-R disks. A home stereo may not do one or the other.

What is the most likely cause for my car stereo to only work sporadically?

Bad wiring connection or internal wiring connection in the stereo

Why does my car stereo work but have no sound?

because you need to turn the volume up

Can I sue the state if I got in a car accident?

Generally no. You would have to prove the state built the road wrong or was at fault in some way for your accident.

What's the best car stereo I can play my Zune through?

Any car stereo will work great with a Zune, but be sure to grab a wireless FM adapter if you don't want to be tethered to your receiver.

How do you remove a car stereo?

You can easily remove your old car stereo without taking help of a car stereo expert. However, you need to follow some steps and need some tools to remove your old car stereo. You can save your money by following the steps for removing your car stereo otherwise you have to pay more money to the professional car stereo installer.Here are some steps to remove the car stereo safely.First of all, Read the user manual of the car where you can find some tips to remove the car stereo. You may find a diagram of stereo wiring, so it would be more help to you.To remove your car stereo safely, please disconnect the battery to avoid electrical short during working with wires of car stereo.To remove your car stereo from the dashboard use screwdrivers to remove the screw, which is holding car stereo. Furthermore, check that your car stereo connected with dashboard using spring or clips and others.Remove dash panels and take out the bolts and screw which hold car stereo. Now pull out your car stereo.Now you can see there are some wires, which are connected on the back of the car stereo. A wiring of car stereo is protected with clip. You should pull out the wire straight out.For more information about remove old car stereo and want to new car stereo installation, please feel free to visit this blog

Car Stereo?

Cross check the stereo's wiring and size specifications with the stereo information from the car's manual and/or the manufacturer. This is to ensure that the stereo and the car are compatible. Also, make sure that the stereo has the features you want. Some stereos only have CD inputs; some stereos have an auxiliary input that is mainly targeted at MP3 players.

How do you get your stereo to work after changing your battery seat leon?

You need to re-enter the code for your stereo which can be found in the manual that should have been supplied with your car

Do car stereos work on any car?

Yes, IF the operating voltage of the stereo is the same as the battery output voltage of the vehicle.

How do you use mobile to play songs in car stereo?

Just listen to the car stereo

My car stereo shut off by itself and will not turn on anymore what could be wrong?

Fuse. Also did you have it on full blast? That might do it.

Why would your car stereo break and start to smell like its burning when you are trying to install a system?

wired up wrong

Why would car radio play nothing but static?

Your antenna may have come loose from the back of the stereo, or it may have been switched over to am by accident.

Free wiring diagram for Sony car stereo?

colar code for sony stereo car

How do you unlock car jvc stereo?

I need to unlock a jvc-kw-xr616 car stereo