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Do you hear the motor running? If there is no sound, the motor has probably burnt out and needs to be replaced. If you do hear the motor running, you've probably stripped a gear. They can sometimes be replaced, but it might be more cost effective to replace it.

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Does apple have of fiber?

An apple is essentially a little ball of fiber.

What fiber is a color scavenger?


What are the Fiber optic buffer color codes?

Here is the industry-standard color code, on FIS's web site: Rod Burrows, PE

Does skimmed milk contain dietary fiber?

Yes. It contains a little amount of roughage or dietary fibre to keep the intestines working in a good condition

Does ginger have fiber?

Yes, a little.

What is wrong on a fiber optic scarecrow Lights are not working and color wheel is not spinning?

My optic scarecrow light also stopped working. I turned the scarecrow upside down and unscrewed the smaller opening, there you will find a small halogen reflector light, mine was a MR11 10Watt 12V Flood. You could order it on line or go to your nearest Radio Shack and buy it. I paid $7 dollars for mine, they last about 2,000 hours. Now about the color wheel, I did not figure that out yet!! The scarecrow glows in a white color light but looks great!

How much fiber is in a cucumber?

very little

What will happen if you have too little fiber?


How do you make fiber in little alchemy?

electricity and light

Do all fruits and vegetables contain fiber?

No, the amount of dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables varies considerably - celery has a great deal of fiber, while potatoes have relatively little fiber, for instance.

Are carbon fiber baseball bats legal in little league?

No, composite bats, including those that use carbon fiber, have been banned for use in Little League.

Does the nutrient fiber prevent constipation and keep the intestine working?


How much fiber is there in cake?

Very little. The average slice of cake has between 1 and 3 grams of fiber in it.

How long does a fiber optic light last for?

Light, fiber optic or otherwise does not disappear. It travels and keeps on traveling until something stops it. point a fiber optic into the sky and it goes until it is stopped by something. The question, "How long does fiber optic light last for" has only one answer, forever.

Why did the fiber optic lights on your Christmas tree quit working?

If the fiber optic lights on your Christmas tree go stop working, it can mean the light unit is bad. Other reasons the lights may quit working are that a bulb is loose or bad or the plugs are not connected securely.

How much fiber does apple juice have?

apple juice contains no fiber. an apple is a better choice than apple juice because the apple provides fiber- and lots of it. an apple is essentially a little ball of fiber. hope this helped!

What foods do not have fiber?

Food that comes from animals (meat, milk, eggs, cheese) does not have fiber. Highly refined plant-based foods, such as white flour and white sugar have little to no fiber.

Which two hazards exist when working with fiber optic cabling?

chemicals and glass splinters

What happens if you have to many high fiber foods?

That is rarely a problem if you eat whole foods; but if you just ate fiber, it does interfere with absorption of nutrients. The problem is much more often too little fiber, not too much fiber, in a diet.

Does green pepper contain fiber?

yes, but only a little bit

What is a complex carbohydrate that provides little energy but is importsnt for digestion?


What are some high fiber yummy cereals?

fiber one original..half a cup has 14g of fiber (they're little fiber twigs though). they have clusters cereal as well with 13g of fiber per cup. there's more check out their site..they have bread, yogurt and bars too.

High-Fiber Diet can you have too much fiber?

yes, you can have too much fiber. The recommendation for women is 25grams of fiber and for men is 30grams, but it will be okay to go over the limit as long as you do it slowly. you body needs to get used to it. if you increase the intake of fiber by a significant amount, you'll probably be bloated for awhile. It will go away though. if that happens just cut back on the fiber and increase the fiber intake slooowwwlllyyyy. After a one or two weeks your body will adjust to the amount of fiber and you'll be able to take in lots of fiber and not notice anything at all but until then you should take it in little by little.

Does black tea relieve constipation?

no tea is proved to constipated if you have little fiber in your diet but if you have a good dose at fiber in your diet it probably wont affect you

What does increased fiber do?

increasing your intake of fibre helps to keep your digestive system working well.