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What is wrong if your head is sore to the touch on right side but there is no lump?

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Believe it or not it could be the way you sleep at night. A person moves many times during sleep and if you aren't in a REM sleep you could be moving and twisting your head hard into the pillow. This can cause the hair to go into a circular motion and twist it leaving the scalp very tender. I know it's happened to me on many occasions. It's best the next time you are in the doctors office to ask him about it so he can get a better look.

2007-02-01 08:57:28
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Q: What is wrong if your head is sore to the touch on right side but there is no lump?
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Is Fluid on your ear associated with right head pain?

not sure i have a little lump just above hair line on right side of head close to my right ear now this morning i have fluid in my right ear4 . no my ear does nt hurt nor does the lump unless i touch it. had a big lump in middle of head couple days ago a was really sore and ozzing .

What is a lump that don't hurt on the right side of the head right above the ear?

A lump that is painless on the right side of the head above the ear could be a cyst. It could also be more serious, such as melanoma.

Lump on the top right side of your head It is painful to the touch and about the size and shape of a small chili pepper you have headaches in about the same area Should you be worried?


What would be wrong if you have a hard lump on your ear near your top jawbone on the right side?

got a hard lump at the side of my right ear, what could this be.

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What is a small lump in the lower right abdomen it is sore to touch?

maybe appendicitis

Painful lump on back right side of head?

A painful lump on the side of the head could be a cyst, pulled muscle, or more serious condition. It is best to get it checked out by a physician.

What could cause a sudden big lump on my cat's head?

There could be many reasons why a big lump has appeared on your cats head. The cat may of got hit in the head or developed a cyst. A vet can help you find out what is wrong with the cat.

Is it a serious problem to have a lump behind the ear on the head that is tender to the touch that has gradually grown over a period of a year?

its fatal

What could a lump on the left top of head be It been there for a few years and is getting harder. bigger and hurts to touch.?

I am not a head doctor, and if I were, I'd not be giving any advice to you by website. Nonetheless I am somewhat bright. You need to go to a doctor, right away. Pain is bad, usually it indicates something is wrong. Why wait, why hesitate? Go to the doctor (just in case)

Why is the lump on back of your head itchy?

A lump on the back of your head that is itchy may be from an inset bite. If the lump does not go away, visit a doctor.

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Why is it when i touch my chest on my right nipple i feel a lump in the inside?

In such situations seek medical advice as soon as possible.

My dog has a lump on the right side of the rib-cage and if you touch it it hurts him what is this?

it is a good reason to take him to the vet

Large lump on the back right side of your head no injury to cause it making your neck stiff on that side and headaches sore to touch what could this be?

I don't mean to scare you, but it could be a tumor. Go get medical attention!

Can a lump under the jaw be a dental problem?

It might be. Does the lump move around when you touch it, or is it fixed to the bone of the jaw? Regardless, you should get professional help from your dentist or your PCP right away.

Is there a cure for a painful lump on top of the head?

It depends what caused the lump.

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Small lump of left side of head above ear?

A small lump on the left side of the head could possibly be a cyst. However, only a medical professional can determine the cause for a lump on the head.

What is wrong if you have a lump right above your left shoulder blade?

A lump on the shoulder blade could be indicative of many things. It could possibly be from an injury or a cyst. It is best to consult your physician.

Sore lump on the back of your head?

If you have a sore lump on the back of your head, you may have hit you head on something. If you blacked out, you need to seek medical attention.

You have a lump on the right side of my head?

so wat u look funny put a hat on and no one can see

Hard lump on the front of your head and you have had breast cancer?

The lump may not have to do with your breast cancer , if you have not bumped your head any where and the lump does not go away with should check the doctors immediately.

If i am feeling sick and have a lump in the lower right side of my neck what is wrong?

that is your lymph system it means you are sick see a docter

You discovered a hard lump on the back of your skull on the left side it is hard and is right on the bone that you can naturally feel on both sides but the left side has a lump on it no head injury?