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What is wrong if your rabbit has diarrhea?

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Rabbits often have a pungent grape-like cluster of soft stool called a cecotrope, this is not diarrhea and is in fact reingested (aka eaten) by the rabbit to retain essential nutrients. These cecotropes should be left in the cage for at least a short period of time so they can be reingested. However, cesotropes can become overly soft and runny and can be the result of not eating enough crude fiber or a diet too high in indigestible carbohydrates.

If, however, it is diarrhea and persists for more than a day you should take your pet to a veterinarian immediately as this could be any number of potentially fatal conditions.

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Why does your rabbit have green diarrhea?

When the rabbit eats alfalfa

What do you do if your rabbit has diarrhea?

take it to the vet......

What happens when you give a rabbit lettuce?

The rabbit will get really bad diarrhea, also called wet tail. You can get medicine for the diarrhea symptoms. SO make sure you don't give your rabbit lettuce.

Can diarrhea kill a rabbit?

Yes, uncontrolled diarrhea for several days can kill an adult rabbit by causing dehydration. Baby rabbits with diarrhea, however, are at a very severe risk and they can die within hours if not treated.

Will a rabbit die from diarrhea?

Yes, they become dehydrated.

What happens when rabbits poop is liquid?

That means your rabbit has a case of diarrhea. The most common reasons for diarrhea are,Your feeding it cold food (this is the most common cause)Your rabbit ate an unclean piece of foodYour rabbit ate too muchToo much fruitYou gave your rabbit houseplantsFed your rabbit tomato, lettuce, and/or cucumber (also very common diarrhea cause)Fed your rabbit old or wilted greensFed your rabbit a green part of a potato

Can you cure a rabbit with diarrhea?

No, you can't cure a rabbit's diarrhea at home; however, in adult rabbits you can try offering the rabbit more forage and see if it resolves on its own within 24 hours. If the diarrhea doesn't resolve on its own within a day, or the rabbit shows other signs of illness (decreased appetite, decreased energy), or is a baby rabbit (less than a year old), you need to take it to a veterinarian immediately for treatment. In many cases, the veterinarian will provide supportive treatment and possibly some medications to get the rabbit through the diarrhea.

Can dropping a bunny from a small height give it diarrhea?

Being dropped is stressful for a rabbit and stress, no matter what the cause, can lead to diarrhea or other health problems in rabbits. No matter what the cause, diarrhea is a serious problem in rabbits (and it's an emergency in baby rabbits!!). If your pet rabbit has diarrhea, visit a special "rabbit-savvy" vet as soon as possible. Please see the related questions below for more details.

What does diarrhea look like in a rabbit?

Their droppings will be wateringWatery doodie.

You have had vomiting and diarrhea can your dog get it?

I think it can't cause my dog only vomits and has diarrhea when his got worms. Did I spell diarrhea wrong?

Is diarrhea bad for you?

no. uusally u have diarrhea is because something is wrong with you. If you have diarrhea for more then 3 days then you should call a doctor.

You have diarrhea and slight headache What is wrong?


How do you tell if your bunny has diarrhea or not?

Normally, rabbits will leave round hard droppings behind. Also, rabbits are very clean animals and they will clean themselves. If a rabbit has diarrhea, their poop will be more mushy. Also, it will be stuck on their bottom, they do not tend to clean that up. And besides this, it has a really foul smell. If your rabbit has diarrhea, you must take it to the vet immediately. Especially in young rabbit, they get dehydrated very fast and can die quickly. Although, when my young rabbit had diarrhea, I got a dropper to give my rabbit water from time to time, and I gave her fruits and vegetables that have fluids in them and are nutritional at the same time.

How do you cure a rabbit with diarrhea?

Whatever you do, don't try to treat it at home yourself - human medications, herbs, supplements and other homeopathic or natural remedies may kill your rabbit. If this is an adult, keep an eye on it for the next 12-24 hours and restrict its feed to rabbit pellets and grass hay. If the diarrhea doesn't resolve, take it to the vet. If this is a baby or immature rabbit, take it to the vet immediately - diarrhea in young rabbits can be rapidly fatal.

I bought a rabbit that lived with my friend today and it got diarrhea is this from stress or is something wrong?

it is probably because its not use to the food/hay u give it or maybe it just isn't used to u yet

What is wrong if your pregnant rabbit has diarrhea?

She could be overhydrated. This happens easily in rabbits. If she is drinking water and getting a lot of fruits, vegetables, or live grass (if she's outside) she may get overhydrated and her poop will get softer.

Would a baby eat diarrhea?

No. But if a baby rabbit was just born and pooped it eats it!

Your female rabbit is bleeding from behind is it her period or is she hurt?

The female rabbit is most likely to have Coccidiosis which promotes very bloody diarrhea in severe cases.

Do kangaroos get diarrhea?

It could happen, if they were to eat the wrong foods.

What could be wrong if you have brown discharge and diarrhea?

you can have super diarrioh!

How does a rabbit reproduce?

they don't WRONG, A rabbit can have bunnies 30 days after being bred.

Is it nessesary to bathe a rabbit?

Only if it gets diarrhea or some other condition that fouls the fur.

My rabbit shakes when it moves and will not eat what's wrong?

your rabbit probably has ketosis. It is a female, correct?

Why does your rabbit's feces come out soft?

If your rabbit has diarrhea or mushy or runny feces, this means your rabbit is sick and requires veterinary care. If your rabbit is a baby, diarrhea is an emergency situation and your bunny requires immediate medical care. If your rabbit is an adult, mushy or runny feces is a serious problem and your bunny should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Please see the related questions below for details and helpful links.

What will be wrong with your hamster?

hamsters are prone to have diabetes, diarrhea, malocclusion, and mites.

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