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Your poodle has Shaken Poodle Syndrome. Please stop abusing it.

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What is wrong if your dogs eyes are swollen almost closed and he has the shakes?

== == == == Call your vet immediately and get him in. If your vet office is closed do to the weekend, there is alway's an emergency number provided for the vet on call. Do not repeat Do not give this Dog Tylenol or any over the counter pain medication. This will kill your dog. I agree take your dog to the vet immediately. It does sound like an allergic reaction which can be treated with Childrens Benadryl.

Why do small toy poodles vibrate?

either because they are cold, wet or scared my toy poodle puppy shakes when she goes into the vets.

Why do poodles always shake?

Its not because its a poodle that it shakes that is a dog thing! ALL dogs do that to get something off there coat like for example water, or bugs.

How old do you have to be to drink protein shakes?

There is no age limit or requirement on protein shakes, most protein shakes (whey) are fine for you if made by a trusted company. The main component of almost all protein shakes is the whey, which is a natural dairy product.

What age to start eating protein bars and shakes?

You can start eating protein bars and shakes at 3 or 4. Excessive protein is bad for you, but as a supplement it will benefit almost everyone.

Is shaking common in teacup poodles?

Yes, mine is doing it. I think they get cold and start shaking. Mine shakes when she is eating too. They may be a little shy and timid too. They are so cute.

What does aww appeared to be caught mean in Pokemon?

It means that you almost caught the Pokemon. It says that when you have two shakes.

Where do you capture emolga in Pokemon black?

Almost anywhere if the grass shakes. There's mostly a 10% chance of finding it.

Another word for 'shakes'?

Trembles? ;]

What is the duration of Shakes the Clown?

The duration of Shakes the Clown is 1.45 hours.

If you drink protein shakes and stroke your penis what will be the effect on your penis?

Unless protein shakes really turn you on, protein shakes will have no effect on your penis.

Which is better chocolate rice crispy treats or orange shakes?


When was Paul Shakes born?

Paul Shakes was born on 1952-09-04.

Why does Earth shakes when there is an earthquake?

Earth shakes because the earth is splitting in pieces.

When was Ricky Shakes born?

Ricky Shakes was born on 1985-01-25.

What are diet shakes and do the really work as advertised?

If used correctly you may lose weight while taking diet shakes, but only if used in place and not along with meals. These shakes are considered by many as sugary milk shakes.

How many handshakes will be there be in total if 9 people shake hands with each other?

the first shakes 8 people's hands (remember, not his own), the second 7 (he doesn't shake the first one's hand), then the third shakes six, the fourth shakes 5, the fifth shakes 4, the sixth shakes 3, the seventh shakes 2, and the 8th shakes the 9ths hand so 8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 36

What protein shakes are the best for bodybuilders? has a variety of protein shakes. They are great and have the highest rating among body building shakes. They come in vanilla and strawberry.

Five people shake hands with every one how many shakes were there?

25 shakes

What favorite beverage for sailors?

Milk Shakes! They are always going to the resturaunt to have milk shakes.

What is the 3rd person present tense for shake?

ShakesThe dog shakes his head when he is angry.

Shakes and fidget cheats?

Here you can download working cheat for shakes and fidget

Why do you get pimples when you drink protein?

I'm assuming you mean "protein shakes". The source of the protein in almost ALL shakes is usually Whey and Soy. Both of these contain Iodides which aggravate acne. The best alternative is a Pea or Hemp protein shake. There's a good company called Mercola that makes both.

Do you drink protein shakes before or after a workout?

You drink protein shakes 1 hour after your workout.

When at a stop the truck shakes?

The Vehicle shakes because of the virbration produced by the engine at the stop sing