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Your poodle has Shaken Poodle Syndrome. Please stop abusing it.

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Q: What is wrong if your toy poodle's eyes are swollen almost closed and he has the shakes?
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What is wrong if your dogs eyes are swollen almost closed and he has the shakes?

== == == == Call your vet immediately and get him in. If your vet office is closed do to the weekend, there is alway's an emergency number provided for the vet on call. Do not repeat Do not give this Dog Tylenol or any over the counter pain medication. This will kill your dog. I agree take your dog to the vet immediately. It does sound like an allergic reaction which can be treated with Childrens Benadryl.

Why do small toy poodles vibrate?

either because they are cold, wet or scared my toy poodle puppy shakes when she goes into the vets.

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