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Check the EGR valve. It might be stuck open. This will cause the car to die when you come to a stop sign or when idling. You can temporarily disconnect the vacuum hose at the EGR valve and plug the vacuum line. Drive it around and see if the problems reoccurs. If it doesn't happen again, you found your problem.

AnswerIt can also be the seleniod in the transmision. The seleniod is bad and gets stuck. There is a 4 plug connector on the front of the tranny. You can disconnect it and the car will run fine but get it changed within 50000 miles or you will burn up your tranny. Its a temporary fix but it works if you dont have the money right there and then.

Both answers are right answers...... But heres the way to find out. When your driving and it dies at a light or stop sign, put the transmission in "neutral" or "park" and restart the engine..... if it hesitates "or fails" to start, its the egr. if it starts up & runs good while not in gear then starts stalling when you put it in gear and drive, then it's likely the transmission shift solenoid is faulty. I replaced the shift solenoid once in a 1994 Cavalier RS 2.2L that had the very same problems you described & everything was fine after I replaced it. It only cost me $48.00 for the part & an hour and a half to do the work. Note: it is advised that you have really good knowledge of automatic transmissions before you do the work, although it is not hard to do. .

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Q: What is wrong when a 1991 Cavalier gets warmed up then dies at stop signs?
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