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What is wrong when all the dashboard lights start blinking and the gauges go wild?


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2005-07-20 15:17:56
2005-07-20 15:17:56

I found this on my Focus. Also my radio went off, the clock went off, the central locking went off, and the "bleep" warning noise (which sounds when you have your headlamps on and the driver door open) sounded. My car even began to slow down when driving. Its now in the garage getting fixed. They said it was the alternator needing to be replaced - they managed to replicate the problem this time. (They are also going to replace my battery cable which they said had "high resistance"). This is fairly pricey altogether -


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Turn on the dashboard lights, and start removing the fuses one by one. When the dashboard light turned off, that is the good fuse. If the dashboard fuse is burnt, start replacing the fuses one by one, and when the dashboard will light up that is the place of the burnt fuse.

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Lights don't go to "zero". Indicators possibly. This could also be part of the normal start-up routine where the gauges themselves may do this ... called a self-check of systems.

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Toyota Avalon - 2001 - My battery died, and in the process of replacing it, the dashboard guages and information console stopped working, dead! I did a search on the Internet and found: "My 98 LS400 battery drained since i left the door open accidently and interior lights were on. I did a jumpstart and the car started and everything works except for the DASHBOARD. Everytime I start no action in the needles and no lights on Dashboard. I have seat belt light on and i can see the transmission lights (Park, Drive, Reverse) lights blinking. " The answer that was attached: I "had a similar problem on my 2000 Toyota Avalon and it was the battery. Instrument lights would not come on after some work on the car. If battery is OK, disconnect the negative lead and let system reboot. " I never thought I would need to reboot my car! Gotta love the Internet!!

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