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What is wrong when the gears start slipping when you push down to far on the gas pedal?


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2004-08-31 14:41:42
2004-08-31 14:41:42

Depends on the type of transmission you have. If it's an automatic, check the transmission fluid with the vehicle running to make sure it isn't low. If it's not and the transmission slips you've probably got an internal problem inside the transmission. If it's a manual transmission it could be the hydraulic fluid is low if you have a hydraulic clutch, or it could be the clutch itself. If you've got an older clutch that's not hydraulic, it could be out of adjustment, or the clutch itself is bad.


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You may need to adjust your clutch or replace your clutch.

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Clutch slipping , Worn, damaged or chipped gear teeth for those particular gears , Worn or damaged synchronizer for those particular gears .

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Depends on whats wrong with it (missing gears or slipping) If it is missing 2nd, 4th, and reverse and makes a whirring or grinding noise the reaction shell is broken or if it is slipping the clutch packs are "burned" in either case it needs to be professionally rebuilt because special tools are required

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there is no RIGHT OR WRONG way just pedal

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