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Depends on the type of transmission you have. If it's an automatic, check the Transmission Fluid with the vehicle running to make sure it isn't low. If it's not and the transmission slips you've probably got an internal problem inside the transmission. If it's a manual transmission it could be the hydraulic fluid is low if you have a hydraulic clutch, or it could be the clutch itself. If you've got an older clutch that's not hydraulic, it could be out of adjustment, or the clutch itself is bad.

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Q: What is wrong when the gears start slipping when you push down to far on the gas pedal?
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What is wrong if the clutch pedal does not come back up fully and gears stick?

You may need to adjust your clutch or replace your clutch.

What is wrong with a 1984 manual Toyota LE when you shift into 3rd or 5th there is a groaning noise in the engine and a loss of power?

Clutch slipping , Worn, damaged or chipped gear teeth for those particular gears , Worn or damaged synchronizer for those particular gears .

89 troopers clutch mastercylinder was leaking replaced it shortly after your truck acted like the clutch was not depressed can you start the truck with out the pedal or what else is wrong with it?

Try adjusting your pedal

How do fix a 1995 caprice transmission?

Depends on whats wrong with it (missing gears or slipping) If it is missing 2nd, 4th, and reverse and makes a whirring or grinding noise the reaction shell is broken or if it is slipping the clutch packs are "burned" in either case it needs to be professionally rebuilt because special tools are required

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What is wrong with my car i was driving home and as i was parking it didnt want to move forward i can change gears without stepping on the clutch?

something is wrong with the clutch or something is wrong with the gas pedal. But it depends on the car. It happened the same with me with my 2009 Fararri. If its a car that will work but if its a truck than I dont know

What is wrong when you are unable to shift gears and the clutch feels heavy But when the car is off you can shift but then the car dies?

It sounds like something is defective in the clutch pedal linkage, or actually within the clutch itself.

Why is your knee hurt when you push on the gas pedal?

There might not be something wrong with the gas pedal, but with your knee.

Why do you have to play with the gas pedal to go on your 1991 infiniti m30?

I own a M30 from what I understand it has a Steptronic Transmission which means that to shift gears you have to do it yourself with the gas pedal I found that best time to shift gears was around 3500 rpm's at that pt I release the gas and then wait for it to go down to about 1500 rpms or so and then reapply my ft and repeat... like a stick shift on training wheels I assume... If I am wrong will someone please correct me..

What is wrong when your car does not want to go at first and just revs up the motor?

Either your gears are not locking at the start or you are in park or neutral or emergency brake on.

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Your car jerks when you release gas pedal?

Something is wrong

Why won't my gas pedal work?

there is something wrong with your car

What is wrong when pushing the clutch it is hard to engaged and when trying to shift it to start going it won't shift?

to start with when you push in on the clutch pedal you are disengaging it. Your description sounds like the clutch has clutched its last clutch What if it is not the clutch?

Speedometor stops working and car stops changing into gears but it works fine after you let it set for awhile?

Something must be wrong. If I were you I would bring it to a micanic. But I think something is wrong between the gears and sterring wheel

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This is wrong because it has all the gears are driven.

What happens if you put in transmission fluid for an auto zone or another auto store?

That depends on if it was the correct type. (Dextron, Mercon, Mopar ATF+4, etc). The wrong fluid can cause slipping and internal damage.That depends on if it was the correct type. (Dextron, Mercon, Mopar ATF+4, etc). The wrong fluid can cause slipping and internal damage.

What can be wrong with your lumina if is running going normal then like it yerks if you have your foot on the pedal but then stalls like if you were running out of gas i let it rest for 20 m started?

Start with replacing the fuel filter.

Whats wrong when 1997 F150 will crank in either park or neutral but unable to go to other gears from park but can do so from neutral?


What is wrong when I hear a hissing noise when turning a Chev Cavalier?

Could be you are low on power steering fluid or your belt is slipping.

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What is wrong if your 97 Dodge Neon will only start if you hold the gas pedal and it will not idle or stay running by itself?

have ur idle control motor checked if sounds like its not functioning its (aka) ICM

What is wrong with the gears when it is not properly working in a Ford Focus?

Could you specify what exactly is working improperly, and what it is that it is doing wrong? There is a pretty broad spectrum of possibilities there.