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I had the same issue where the turn signals were not working, neither was the steering wheel controls (radio, cruise control, etc). I've just replaced the two fuses, 21 & 22, and now it works again. Even though the two fuses I replaced did not appear to be damaged.

AnswerI had the same problem. Though it did not appear to be damaged, I replaced fuse #22, which fixed the problem. Answerfunny that I ran across this question - just happened to me today. The fuse is not blown. I checked it personally and with a mech. Best thought on it so far is that the switch went out inside the turn signal lever itself.

At this time I'm leaning towards this reason b/c my highbeams do not work either. I'm calling the shop tomorrow - I will have the definative answer in the next couple of days.

Removing the fuse resets the Steering Wheel Module, there is a down load to correct this condition.

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Q: What is wrong when turn signals don't work and fuse the is not blown?
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What is wrong when the brake lights and signals don't work?

Blown fuse

Chevy cavalier 1990 the turning signals dont work What can it be?

It COULD be a blown fuse. Check the fuse panel. It COULD by a blown flasher unit. If the fuse is OK, change the flasher.

What is wrong when a 1998 mercury mystique turn signals and blower fan won't work?

The fuse for the abs system is blown. Check under the driver side of dash for the fuse panel.

What if you jump started your car wrong?

Replace blown fuse

Hazard lights dont work on 96 integra?

Well if your turn signals still work its not a short. I just fixed a pinched wire on my 96 and now my turn signals dont work. But according to a buddy of mine on there is a chance the fuse for the hazards is blown.

Why do your turn signals and hazards not working?

fuse or blub is out or blown, or wiring is bad, or the relay is bad.

Why did the dash gauge illumination lights stop working in your 01 PT Cruiser after replacing the bulbs?

Bulbs mis-installed, blown fuse, connector not plugged in, wrong bulbs, etc.Bulbs mis-installed, blown fuse, connector not plugged in, wrong bulbs, etc.

What is wrong if your Ford Ranger turn signals and radio do not work?

Check your fuse!

What fuse controls the electric doors in the fuse box of a 106 mk1?

I assume its because the something to do with electric doors dont work? Look for the fuse that is blown. You can tell with out removing the fuse by the visible link at the top edge of the fuse. If no visible link then blown fuse.

What is wrong if radio seat belts dome light refuse to work?

Blown fuse.

1995 blazer power mirrors dont work?

you might check for a blown fuse.

How do you replace the fuse for the left rear turn signal in a 2001 Mercedes?

if only one turn signal is out your looking at a blown bulb not a fuse as the turn signals are on one fuse if it blew none of your signals would work but to check anyway look in manual to find which fuse is turn signal fuse located fuse box and pull it

What would cause speedomter to go dead also horn and turn signals on a road king 2003?

blown fuse

Why would the turn signals and hazard lights stop working on a 2006 Hyundai Sonata?

You may have blown a fuse or a flasher.

2002 vw gti no headlights wipers turn signals horn?

Blown fuse(s) or short circuit somewhere ?

2002 dodge ram starts but no instrument panel and no wipers or turn signals?

check your fuse box for blown fuses

Why don't turn signals work on 1999 ford expedition?

If the lights come on but do not flash then flasher relay is defective. If the do not even come on either a fuse is blown or a bulb is blown.

Why would the turn signals not work on a 1975 Corvette?

Flasher relay is bad if the lights come on but do not flash. If they lights do not come on at all then the bulbs may be blown or the fuse if blown.

Flashers work turn signals dont fuse is good on 1995 s10 blazer-what's wrong?

because there are two diffrent flashers 1 for the flashers and 1 for turn

How to replace a blown brake light fuse?

Remove the blown fuse. Replace it with a new fuse.

Why might the turn signals and hazard lights not be working on a 1998 Honda Civic LX?

I'll check for a blown fuse(fuse relay box), ground problem, and your bulb.

Why don't the directionals work in your 1995 Honda accord?

Look in fuse panel one marked turn signals see if the fuse is blown, or the flasher coudl have gone bad.

Why wont the turn signals work on my 95 Volkswagen jetta?

Most likely a bad turn signal flasher or blown fuse

What would cause turn signals not to work in Lincoln navigator hazards work fuse not blown.?

Turn signal flasher module?

What should you look for if your headlights taillights horn all go out but still have turn signals in a dodge Dakota truck?

A blown fuse.