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Is the belt missing? Maybe the tensioner is broken. your belt must be broken and missing ,that is about the only answer.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-19 16:09:45
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Q: What is wrong when your 1996 Taurus runs but the belt pullies alternator ac power steering and water pump don't move along with the running engine?
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On a Ford Taurus if there is a bad alternator or not will the car DIE WHEN I REMOVE THE BATTERY CABLE?

You will destroy the voltage regulator if you unplug the battery while it is running, then you will have to replace the alternator anyways.

What does check charging system in a 2007 Ford Taurus mean and the battery light is on and the steering wheel won't turn?

Usually the voltage regulator is the problem. Its located inside the alternator. More testing is needed to make sure that the regulator is the fault. If you want to guess. Replace the alternator. Sounds to me like the power steering and alternator belt has fallen off.

Where is the voltage regulator on 2003 Taurus?

Built into the alternator.

Does your 1990 Taurus have variable steering?

No, it doesn't

Does a 1993 Ford Taurus have a timing chain or timing belt?

I own a 1993 Ford Taurus GL 4 door sedan 3.8 v6 and it has a serpentine belt, that connects pullies for the crankshaft, the air conditioning clutch, the power steering, the alternator, and the water pump! I just replaced my water pump so I know this to be fact. If there is a timing chain it is behind the water pump housing and not visible without removing the water pump housing cover!

Location of the alternator fuse for a 2003 Ford Taurus?

It is located within the fuse panel. In order to access it, pull down the fuse panel cover underneath the steering column.

How do you change the power steering filter on a 2000 Taurus?

There is no power steering filter

Where is the voltage regulator in a 2000 Ford Taurus?

Inside the alternator

Where are the alternator diodes on a 1994 Ford Taurus?

Unless things have changed, the diodes are part of the alternator. The voltage regulator is attached to the alternator but the diodes are part of the alternator.

What fluid do you put in Ford Taurus power steering reservoir?

All Ford Taurus power steering systems take MERCON V Transmission Fluid.

How do you lift the Alternator and tighten when the belt is already on a 2001 Taurus?

Serpentine belt? You may have to remove to tighten alternator

What other year are interchangeable for a 2001 Ford Taurus alternator?

On the Vulcan engines the alternator was same from '98 to '03.

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