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It sounds like your belt is loose or the brushes in the alternater are worn.When you hit the gas,the belt tightens some & on a higher rev,the battery puts more fire to the alternater but weak brushes wont accept it.Good luck, Cliff,Nova Scotia Or it is as simple as a fuse getting ready to blow!!! JUST had this problem yesterday!! For a few days it would take a few seconds for the power to kick on inside after I started the car, then yesterday NOTHING!! It was one of the fuses in the fuse panel in the engine right behind the battery! 75A Autozone didn't have it have to order it! Til then I have no gauges or lights inside or out!! But the car starts! Krystena,WV

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โˆ™ 2006-08-09 14:08:09
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Q: What is wrong when your 90 240sx car start but no electrical power in the car but when you rev it couple time start to have power back?
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1990 Nissan 240sx eng turns over but won't start?

nissan 240sx. it turns over but wont start

Trying to start 96 Nissan 240sx and everything electrical comes on but car wont start have to jiggle the key or somethin then out of nowhere it'll just start Is that the starter or ignition?

The problem lies in the ignition switch - had a Nissan pick-up that did the same thing.

Primary source of electrical power to start piston engine?


How can i tell if i need a new starter for a 1990 240sx?

If it won't start!

No electrical power car wont start?

Ashort in the wiring/ brain could be fried

88 Rx7 runs for a couple of minutes and then shuts down there is no power at the key for a couple of minutes and then will come back on and start again but will do the same thing over again?

Problems like that are often difficult to chase down. It's probably electrical, so try to find an electrical diagram for the vehicle and track the power wire back from the keyswitch. Run it, let it fail and repeat the process until you can track it down to a single connector or switch.

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Nissan 240SX?? lol

Ill a 1989 Nissan 240sx ecu work with a 1991 Nissan 240sx?

Yes the ecu will work. First disconnect the battery and connect the new one then reconnect the batter. Start up the 240sx and it should work it not it needs to be diagnoste goggle 1990 240sx ECU CODES FOLLOW THE STEPS AND THAT SHOULD WORK I know cause I'm using a 1992 ECU FROM Nissan Stanza. I was told it's alittle advanced on the horse power side and idle moves quicker.

How do you bleed the power steering system on a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Ensure power steering fluid is to full mark. Start engine. Turn wheels slowly all the way the right until they hit the stop and hold for a minute, then slowly turn all the way to the left and hold for about a minute. You may need to repeat a couple of times. This should bleed the air from the system. I don't know of any vehicle which has a bleeder valve for the power steering reservoir or power steering system.

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How do you change bellows on a 1993 240sx Nissan?

To change the bellows on a 1993 240SX Nissan you will need to jack up the car and start by removing the shocks. You may want to hire a mechanic to do this as a functioning set of brakes is very important.

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Why does car lose electrical power when ignition key is turned to start?

Low battery power, or probably a loose battery terminal or ground wire. Follow and check em all...!!

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Crank position sensor on 1996 240sx?

that's not a question. questions usually start with how, who, what and why. but if you're wondering if you have one on your car yes you do

How do you know the fuel pump is gone in an Nissan 240sx?

hard starting or it fill like you run out of gas. it will turn but won't start.

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Start at the basics. Bulbs, fuses, then you need to get serious and check wires and connections. It is best if you have an electrical tester to check for power.

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Why did my 96 Nissan 240sx die while driving and not start again also not getting any spark?

probably it had no gas or it was just to old

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