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You can have somebody check out your Voltage Regulator, that is fairly common in Ford Explorers, especially with the 4.2L V6. If that tests ok, go to any parts store, they can run an electrical system test, which is usually free, or up to $20.00USD. Also, if you have a system in your truck, make sure that your remote wire from your deck, is connected properly to your amp, to shut it off with your stereo. If your amp runs continuously, it is bound to drain your power.

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Battery light wont go off does it mean battery is being drained?

usually means that the alternator is not charging. So the battery is being drained.

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Daytime Running Lights troubleshooting.?

my 05' cavalier has a bad alternator problem its charging the battery a little bit then stops and the little power my battery has is drained by the end of the night. I replaced the alternator twice and the battery but still no difference.

My 05' cavalier has a bad alternator problem its charging the battery a little bit then stops and the little power my battery has is drained by the end of the night I replaced the alternator twice an?

Check all earth connections Have the battery heavy discharge tested (Drop tested)

What wire hooks from battery to alternator?

the positive wire that recharges the battery after being drained from the starter

Why is a car battery being drained in an 1985 Fiero. A rebuilt alternator has just been installed but the battery is still contueing to be drained?

dead cell in the battery or something is on that is pulling power from the battery.

Why did the battery die while driving ford windstar?

The alternator died first and drained your battery shortly thereafter.

Can a car still run if the alternator is dead?

Sorry to say,but no. The alternator is the device that replaces the power that has been used from your battery.Without the alternator, the battery will get drained and not be able to recharge.

What will bad alternator do to a cars battery and lights?

A bad alternator will have the effect of draining the battery, resulting in dim lights, trouble starting the car and the like. It would be best to replace the alternator as soon as possible and possibly obtain a new battery. This may vary depending on how much the bad alternator has drained it. You can get your alternator and battery checked any time at Auto Zone.

What can cause the battery of a 1995 VW Jetta to die after changing the battery twice?

have you checked the alternator??? that's the first thing that comes to my mind if your battery is being drained

What would cause your battery to drain of all power in 96 Nissan Sentra?

When the alternator goes bad or goes out completely, the car's battery will be drained. I suggest you pull the alternator and have it tested. If the alternator is bad, you will most likely need a new battery as well. The cost is around $200.00.

What is wrong with my 1986 300zx if when I take the jumper cables off the car dies and my battery is brand new?

Your alternator has failed, and the battery has drained from running the vehicle without being able to recharge it. Replace the alternator and the battery should be fine.

Does running the car engine recharge a drained battery?

No, you must have a charged battery for the alternator to work.Here's an explanation of how the charging system works:

Why does a car battery get drained and have to be jump started each time?

Its probably not the battery, its more than likely the alternator that isn't keeping the charge, to check it turn your car on and the unplug the battery, if it stays on then its something else, but if it turns off then get a new alternator

Why is your Battery not charging after replacing alternator on 95 ford probe?

Chances are you drained your battery when your alternator failed to maintain your cars regular running functions. You should take the battery to your local auto parts store, they should be able to test it for free.

Why won't your 88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera stay running and drains battery when you put it in gear?

I would suspect a bad alternator and battery, have them both checked at the parts store. A car with a fully charged battery and a bad alternator will run until the battery is drained and then quit.

Why is my VW Passat's battery being drained?

It's most probably the alternator. It's not putting any charge back in the battery. Can also be a dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

How can tell if the battery is bad or the alternator?

Take the battery to a parts store so they can test it.... Actually you need to test both the battery and the alternator because if your alternator is not functioning correctly it can drain the battery of power... so just testing the battery may only tell you that you have a drained battery and not reveal the cause... This testing can be done using an Auto meter which tests the battery and also does an alternator load test...If you do not have a tester you can rent one from an auto parts store,or you can remove the alternator and take it to the auto parts store and have it bench tested along with the battery...usually for free...

How does an alternator work and I have a 93 F150 truck with a new battery and I know the alternator is bad would this cause the truck not to start at all even with a new battery?

Even a new battery cannot start and run the vehicle for long without the charge it needs from the alternator. The battery has a certain amount of reserve power meant to start the vehicle only, then the power supplied by the alternator keeps a constant flow of power going to the battery to keep it charged enough to run the electrical system of the car. The electrical system, especially in late model vehicles pulls a large amount of electricity, so without that constant flow to replace the high draw, the battery is drained of its reserve. If you have driven the vehicle with a malfunctioning alternator, then parked it, chances are there is just not enough power to turn the vehicle over and start it again, as it has been drained completly.If you charged the battery on a charger, it would,(if a bad alternator is your problem)start and run the vehicle again, but just until the battery is drained.

Why is your 1981 ford F150 starting without an alternator?

You don't need an alternator to start your engine only to recharge the battery. You could start any vehicle without an alternator but that doesn't mean it will run for long. Newer vehicles would just run till the battery was drained.

What wiil cause the battery to go dead overnight in 1998 Cadillac Seville the battery was just replaced?

check battery cable connection to see if loose.could also be a drain on battery,check to be sure all accessories were turned off overnight. Just a few days ago my caddy would not start. the battery checked out ok, but the alternator was bad. diodes were bad causing an "open loop" in electrical circuit which drained battery. To check alternator, first fullycharge battery, take to local parts store (autozone will check it for free)this can be done with alternator on running engine. Good luck!

What are the symptoms of a car alternator failure?

Some symptoms of a car alternator failure include dim headlights, a drained battery, or the inability to start the vehicle. The alternator powers all aspects of the electrical system once the engine is running.

Why would my truck not recharge the battery i have a f150 1985 i want to think its the alternator i stalled it twice and it drained the battery... i replaced the battery on 5 days ago too?

I had this problem on a 1979 Mercury Grand Marquis- it turned out to be a short in the wire going from the alternator to the battery. It was intermittent, so it was very hard to run down. If the alternator checks good, the short/broken wire could easily be the culprit.Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check:

Can my car start with a recharged battery if my alternator is bad?

Yes, the car will start with a fully charged battery. But if the alternator is defective the battery will soon run down and the engine will stop once all electrical power is drained from the battery. You can drive maybe 15 miles in daylight with nothing on, or maybe 10 miles at night with your lights on.

Why does my 97 explorer have no power?

A 1997 Ford Explorer might lose power for a variety of reasons. It is possible that a light was left on and the battery was drained. Or, it could just be time for a new battery, and the old one randomly gave up the ghost.

What does it mean when battery light on dashboard of a vw lights up and stays on?

The battery indicator lamp illuminating usually means that the battery is not receiving or accepting a charge from the alternator and is being drained past an unsatisfactory state of charge.