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backfiring typically means that the fuel system is dumping way too much fuel into the engine. The fuel injection system is computer controlled, and shutting it off reboots the computer. It also may give the faulty component a chance to cool off. Diagnostics of the computer using a scan tool will likely find the fault (some auto parts stores will do a scan for free) it could be a faulty fuel injector, or any of the components that control the injection system, which can include many different engine sensors (throttle position sensor, oxygen sensor, coolant temp sensor, etc.), or the main engine control unit (computer). It is critical that the diagnostics are done first...don't just start swapping parts.

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When you put your foot on the gas your car backfires What is the problem?

Time for a tune up.

Your car starts turns off then it backfires?

my car starts every now and again, but when it does start it turns off and then it backfires. i dont know if it is the fuel pump or the sparkplugs or both, please help me find the problem.

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My carb backfires its a quadrajet in a 1970 gto?

timing problem or crossed plug wire or even possibly a burnt valve.

Why do neon's backfire?

If any car backfires it is usually due to retarded timing, running lean or a problem in the valve train.

Your 1990 Isuzu amigo backfired now it wont run and when you crank it over it backfires?

More than likely a timing belt Problem

Why does your 1996 dodge neon sputters and backfires?

your neon sputters from old spark plugs and plug wires. i changed both and problem went away.

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Why does your ATV backfire on high RPM deceleration?

Because somehow fuel gets in the exhaust and backfires, the best way to fix this problem is to clean out your carb, clean the pilot and jets inside of it, most people that done this said that it was the problem.

Why Riding mower backfires?

Look for a clogged air filter or a loose intake manifold bolt. If the problem is not there, the fuel mixture may be on the rich side and the carburetor needs adjusting.

1994 town car runs rough backfires uses a lot of gas and is hard to get a fast takeoff because of backfiring ect What could the main problem be?

the spark plug wires

88 Cherokee w EFI runs rough and backfires through intake?

Could be a burned valve (do a compression test of all cylinders) Could be a timing problem (check the timing)

Can a bad starter kill the car while movingt he car died on the highway then when i cranked the starter it just whined and sounded not engaged?

The starter will not stop the engine from running once it is started. You have another problem.

How do you use starter fluid for fuel injection?

i tried it all it did was backfire still wouldnt start Spray the starter fluid into the air filter intake. If it backfires and will not start you have a problem that needs to be fixed.

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1997 f-150-5.4 backfires when you try to start?

check your air filter and fuel injection pumps, if you dont see a problem then inspect your emissions system. your welcome for the help

Why does my 1988 Chevy s10 idle really good but when driving it sputters and backfires?

The Sputtering tends to be a old or clogged fuel filter the engine is getting starved of fuel replace that and it should fix the problem

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96 Chevy Silverado's engine turns off while on Highway What can be the problem?

Fuel pump is my guess.

1970 VW Beetle backfires?

If a car backfires, the fuel mixture is incorrect. I believe it's too lean. Also, timing could be off. Try increasing the fuel mixture with the jets on the carburetor. You may want to reference your VW shop manual for which one to use. If that doesn't solve the problem, then have a garage time the vehicle to make sure pre-ignition isn't happening.

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Why does my 1990 Chevrolet Silverado run for 30 minutes and the check engine light comes on when its warm It idles rough and dies on highway with a random check engine light?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and recover codes Could be a bad coolant temperature sensor