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What is wrong with Maplestory i can't seem to run the downloaded client?



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Make sure you download the full client, other-wise it will not work, and make sure your virus-protecter is on and you trust the maplestory client.

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from LisasanXD

im just going to repeat the same answer as the previous one

if it doesn't work.. DUN BLAME ME!

well here it is:

at the bottom left of your screen, press start.

Then at the right side, theirs a "thing" called Computer

press it, and their will be a pop-up that has files C: and D:

Go to C: and click on your nexon folder

Click maplestory folder and then click GameLauncer (has the maplestory mushroom picture as an icon)

Another pop-up will show up saying [Go to Website] or [start game]

Press [Start Game] and it SHOULD work. Im working on windows Vista for your info XD GL~!