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What is wrong with a 1984 Nissan 300ZX non-turbo that will only start on a jump and continues to run with the positive battery wire disconnected?


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2004-11-25 06:19:53
2004-11-25 06:19:53

You have a bad battery. Keep that up often enough, and you are going to end up with a bad alternator. Alternator's don't like being operated without a load going to them. Running the engine with either of the battery cables disconnected is not good.


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Correct, a car will not start with a disconnected battery

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No an airbag will not deploy if the battery is disconnected

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Can you be more specific? Was your battery disconnected or did it lose it's charge? If you did not disconnect the computer, it would not need to be reconnected. If your battery was dead or disconnected, simply remove the positive battery cable for about 10 minutes and re-connect it. This should clear your code. Even if the code does not clear you should have no problems with the function of your car.

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Not if key is off or battery is disconnected.Not if key is off or battery is disconnected.

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Battery has been disconnected with in the last 50 starts.Battery has been disconnected with in the last 50 starts.

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