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Check your frame ground Check the pickup coil and module in the dist. Also the crank sensor . goodluckJoe Check for a broken wire in one of the cluster of plugs on top of the left wheelwell.

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โˆ™ 2005-08-06 02:27:55
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Q: What is wrong with a 1990 Ford f150 with a 6 cylinder if there is power going to the coil but no spark?
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What happens when you have the wrong firing order?

If you have the wrong leads going to the wrong spark plugs, then you will have a spark when the cylinder is somewhere other than where it should be, which is at the top of the compression stroke ready to drive the piston down and provide power. If you can start your car, it will be running very rough, have no real power at all and your gas mileage will be measured in gallons per mile. You are also running the risk of serious internal damage to the very expensive valves, so I suggest you fix it immediately.

What could be wrong No electricity going to spark plugs on 99 dodge neon?

the coil is bad

What is wrong when cylinder 6 misfires on a 99 grand marquis?

I'd suspect a bad spark plug at first. Which could be the GAP setting is wrong or the plug itself is bad. There can be other more expensive issues going on, but I'd start cheap and work up.

Who you is at the power station when things start going wrong?


What would be wrong if a 1989 Chevy G20 van 350 motor runs good but has no power?

The timing is too low or it has the wrong spark plugs in it.

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What is wrong with a 1997 Chevy blazer s-10 if the 1st cylinder is missing but the other 5 are fine?

If is has spark, it could be a faulty fuel injector.

What is wrong with your jet ski if the battery is good but still no power?

On mine it had a bad carbarator and water in its spark plug.

Why do your new spark plugs spark red on your hemi 5.7 hemi?

Wrong gap, wrong plug, poor groound when you are looking at the spark,

Will a distributor spark if it is not in the correct position?

That's not really what's going on. The coil makes the spark, the distributor distributes the spark to the correct plug. If the distributor is not in the correct position, the spark does not go to the correct plug, or goes to the correct plug at the wrong time.

What else could be wrong besides cylinder 1 ignition coil when the service engine light codes indicate cylinder 1 misfire and Knock?

I had the same problem and went ahead and replaced cylinder 1 coil and all the spark plugs and it worked.

What is wrong with your 2004 Dodge Neon It loses power going uphill and that's with the accelerator all the way down hooked up to a diagnostic computer showed no codes?

It is most likely your spark plugs. Check those out, sounds like your losing power.

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