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What is wrong with a 1990 Pontiac LeMans if it starts fine but will not shift out of park?


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2004-11-12 10:02:28
2004-11-12 10:02:28

The linkage for the brake pedal lockout is down on the shifter and when coke and coffee is spilled on the console, it runs on it and keeps it from working. You have to remove the console and clean the linkage.


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your transmission could be shot. if it will not shift at all, then you will need a new one.

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I hear there was a problem with the parking switch. The parking switch (what I call it) is the mechanism that is connected to the brake which would need to be depressed before you could shift out of park. It is a safety feature. So basicaly when you would push in the brake pedal the switch would not activate and therefore you could not shift out of park. FYI there is a recall on the parking switch.

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