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What is wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort if the fuel cutout light is on and it will not start?


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2007-02-05 23:44:28
2007-02-05 23:44:28

While the probable answer is that the fuel cutout has been trigggered by some external shock, Another case where the light comes on is when the ignition switch has shorted. Open in the switch may not cause the same light. Shorted switch can cause the starter to become engaged anytime the gear selector (auto) is in park or nutral.Other shorts in the ignition switch can dump direct to ground without energizing the starter. A battery draw test would show voltage draw in this case but isolating voltage draw on modern cars is very hard with aftermarket or factory valet and alarms engaged. I don't know, but I had that once and had to find the button to reset it so I could start my car again. The button is in the trunk, on top on the right wheel well. Push it and your good to go...Maybe. Can the ignition switch still be bad even if it doesnt engage the started anytime, but its starting and the Fuel Cutout is lighted only when starting?


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The switch may not be functional, or may not be rest correctly. If the vehicle was in an accident, the fuel pump or wires might have been damaged. this could cause the switch to retrip.AnswerI'm sure it is, as when i put it to wrong position the light is on all the time, if i put it into right position the light is on only when I'm starting, and the engine is cranking. Any idea what else might be causing this?

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