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What is wrong with a 1993 Grand Prix 3.1 that stalls after driving for 5 min if it sits for about 30 min it starts and runs fine then shuts off again?


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2005-10-12 12:46:46
2005-10-12 12:46:46

TCC is going bad needs to replace, but a quick fix is to unplug it from the Trans and see if the problem still occurs, if not, changing the tcc is highly recommended. thanks.


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There is most likely something in the gas tank. When the car starts the fuel pump starts sucking in fuel and when the trash gets to it the gas will not be able to flow through the clogged pump so the car stalls. When it stalls the fuel pump stops suction and the trash comes out allowing it to start again.

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It sounds like your alternator is no longer recharging your battery. You probably need a new alternator.

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You should try to to replace you distributor cap and rotor, because over time it tends to wear off. Plus you should check the ignition coil. this should do the trick.

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You need to check the crank sensor at the harmonic balancer. when it gets hot, it stalls the engine. let it cool for a few moments then it starts again. If it's hot and stalss and won't start; try spraying water around the balancer, to cool the sensor. Then see if it starts.

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