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So you have a 93 SHO that is stuck in park... Actually this is a common occurance and happened to my 95 SHO. The repair is extremely cheap as well. You will want to go to a discount auto parts store such as Pep Boys, Trak Auto..etc. The part you want is by Ford's definition called the "brake shift interlock" but when you go to Pep Boy's you want the "brake light switch" that rides on the brake pedal. The repair process is quite simple you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to make your life easier. On the top of the brake pedal is a swing arm that connects to the pedal the other end of this swing arm goes through the firewall. Just beside it is the brake light switch it has a black plastic housing and two electrical leads connecting to it. Use the needle nose pliers to disconnect the cotter pin holding the assembly to the brake pedal and slide the retainer out then slide the assembly off the arm. Disconnect the elec leads (CAUTION) DO NOT LET THE LEADS SWING INTO THE BRAKE PEDAL. This will result in a fuse being blown. Connect the electrical leads to the new switch immediately and reinstall. This will solve your lock up woes and I believe the part retails for about $7.00... all in all a cheap fix. Today we bought the part suggested by this gentleman (from Pep Boys for $10.00 - they were MUCH more helpful about this part than Salvo who suggested we go to the dealer!) and my boyfriend followed the directions the gentleman gave. My 1993 Taurus now smoothly shifts from Drive into Park when I turn the engine on and press the brakes! Voila! I don't even have an SHO. Just an LX, V6. Thanks for your help!

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Q: What is wrong with a 1993 automatic Taurus SHO if it will not shift from Park to Drive anymore after you press brakes when the car is running?
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