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What is wrong with a 1995 Ford Explorer 4wd if the battery light went on when the battery is still new?


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2011-10-20 17:53:28
2011-10-20 17:53:28

Reasonable assumption the alternater is bad, but no gaurentee. Hi. The common misconception is that the battery is primary power source of the vehicle and it is in many ways. However, it's main function is for cranking power to the starter. All batteries have a life span from charged to dead (like any battery). The charge in the battery has to be replenished, and that's where the alternator comes in. I suspect the diode in the alternator is bad and the alternator will have to be replaced. A word of caution: if you drive the vehicle for an extended period of time without the battery being charged, a 12-volt battery will be reduced to 9-volts, and at that point systems in the vehicle will shut down. If the battery light is on, the charging system has to be checked to be sure that it is functioning. There are other possibilities that would cause the battery light to come on, however in this case I strongly suspect the alternator.

your fan belt could be slipping


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There could be a sensor wire that is bad or going bad

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The battery light is to show when the alternater is not charging. A new battery wouldn't make any difference.

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There is something wrong with the charging system. Check the alternator and the battery to see if both are still good. Good Luck!

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If you charge the battery and it is not working then there is something wrong with the battery. Batteries are not usually repairable.

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