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What is wrong with a 1995 dodge neon when all the dash board lights are not working but none of the fuses look blown the seat belt light works though?


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I have a 1995 neon dodge and my dash lights will not come on or my tail lights and every time i change the airbag fuse and turn on the car the airbag fuse blows.


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There are several things that can cause your 2000 Cadillac dashboard lights to quit working. The most common cause is a blown fuse.

the fuse that controls the interior lights, running board,an rear wiper is blown. it is a 15amp fuse in the panel. Also,try the cluster dimmer position since it controls the running board lights and exterior mirror lights as well.This dimmer is located next to the headlight switch.Good luck!

You may have a burnt out bulb that is causing your tail lights and dash board lights to not come on in your 1992 Bonneville. It can also be a blown fuse that is causing your problem.

If you have multiple lights that do not work it's probably caused by an electrical problem such as one or more fuses blown or a faulty connection somewhere.

why is my dash board lights not working

If all the dash lights are out then there is two causes for this. The first is all the fuses have blown the other is the relay for the dashboard lights has went out.

Buddy ,, how can its possible if board blown. you must gone mad

A blown fuse,you will find the fuse box on the passanger side of the dash board,open the door and their will be a panel covering the fuse box.Pull the panel off and replace the fuse that says REAR PRK LP if its blown..

Check your fuses again-use test light. Almost always seems to be a fuse when both tail lights and dash lights aren't working at same time. If that fails, check headlight switch

Where is the 1994 JEEP grand cherokee Daytime Running Lamps Lights Module? Lights are working but the running lights and dash board lights are out.

Yes, your tail lights will go out when your dash board lights go out.

On my Lexus I had an issue with the lights staying off when it was cold. This was the case for all of my dashboard lights. Then they would flicker back on. There are Caps on the board for the instrument panel that were blown. This was the case for my fuel cage that didn't work consistently work as well

If this is an electronic unit, the heat generated after the lights are on for one half hour, is affecting the intergrity of the electronic circuit board.

i would check fuse panel for blown courtesy light or inst.cluster fuse that would be the first place i would look,assuming of course there are no dash lights what so ever.

In the fuse box located under the driver's side dashboard. That fuse is between circuits for air suspension, dash, lights, and a few accessories. Use a multimeter or lamp to find the blown fuse.

Need to know what about the dash board lights.

How do you change dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer.

The lights are controlled though the control board which will have to be replaced, have seen this many times before, this board is part number (NNN) NNN-NNNN and cost about $175 so i can't tell you what to do but i would wait until more needs done before replacing the board just for the lights.

Where is the Dash board lights fuse of ford mondeo 2002 lx

It is the brake light switch. The 3rd light has a different switch. GoodluckJoe you can check under neith the bed for fire where they come together. if ther is fire it is the circuit board where your lights go. if there is no fire then its gonna be in the turn signal switch

For example, if you are operating a light board in an auditorium, it can control all the lights like flashing, regular, and even stroke lights. I can do every lighting you can think of. All you have to do is set the timer of the lights on the light board and organize each button to operate each light.

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