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Pull the line off on the modulator, If there is fluid inside replace the modulator.

2004-11-22 09:54:56
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How many feet would you travel starting at 0MPH going to 45MPH and back to 0MPH?

I got a speeding ticket for 45mph. The distance that I travelled was 810feet before I stopped. He clocked me with a radar gun at 45MPH. I want to know if it is possible to go 0 to 45 and back to 0 in that length driving a BMW 5 SUV. He showed me the radar gun and it was flashing 45MPH. Thank you for any help!

Did i hurt my transmission when i drove under 45mph for 4 miles in d3 on a 2010 Honda?

It is very unlikely you did any damage at all, so not to worry.

What is faster an x2 pocket bike or an x1 pocket bike?

X2 is cause it has CVT Transmission which means runs on belt and it goes around 40-45mph.

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if you want to go cheap than you con toy around with the speed govener (kind of like a rev. limeter) that should get you going pretty close. Just play around with or completely remove the governor. Also, swap the engine pulley for a bigger one and put a smaller one for the transmission pulley. Do that and you'll be pretty close to 45mph

What is the right cruising speed for a car as a function of engine displacement?

There isn't a direct relation between cruise speed and displacement. The Rpm at cruise speed is more related in that a high torque big block can run at a lower rpm than say a 4cyl. at cruising speed. In a legal stand point, the speed limit would be the answer. The transmission and gearing are more of a factor. Definitely over 45mph, since most OD transmission shift into OD at around 45mph and you wouldn't want the transmission to be switching between gears. Normal cruising speed is considered 60mph in most magazines.

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When your 1993 trooper gets to 45mph it sounds like it wont go to the next gear?

Make sure you have enough fluid in the transmission... If you do....well you either have a bad torque converter or you have a leaking transcase.....both expensive sorry...

Why when my 1993 trooper gets to 45mph it revs high and won't go the next gear?

its not shifting to the higher gear, that means your transmission is having issues its probably froze up and you need a new one which is very expensive

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they fly about 45mph and walk 2mph

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