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I would try cleaning and tightening your battery terminals, use a terminal cleaner or wire brush until you can see fresh metal on the connectors and battery terminals and check the wires to make sure the corrosion has not started to go inside. Batteries are funny sometimes, a little corrosion will prevent a big charge from getting to the starter but if you use something else first like your headlights and establish a connection it will allow the big surge to happen. I just had this happen to my 99 Sportage. Check the Mass Air Flow Sensor. My truck would sometimes start, but most time I needed to let it "prime" (turn on only to acc. and wait 3 seconds before starting). My MAF was dead! After replacing it, the truck starts perfectly.

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Why would the PWR light come on in the first place on a 2002 Kia Sportage?

because you turned it on. The Kia sportage has an econ button, if you push it the power button lights up.

When are the Christmas lights turned on in New York city?


At what time should your head lights be turned on?

30 minutes before the sun goes down

Why did car lights originally stay on after the car was turned off?

Most newer models of cars now have a safety design that allows the headlights to stay on for a few minutes before shutting themselves off to allow the occupants to safely get to a door or gate. Also, on many newer model vehicles, if the lights are turned off before the ignition, the lights will stay off. If the lights are turned off after the ignition, the lights stay on to illuminate your way. If the light switch is off and the lights stay on longer than a few minutes, then something is wrong.

How long before you have to turn your head lights before sundown?

Where I live it is 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise that you are supposed to have your headlights turned on.

What time did the lights go out on Titanic?

the lights on the titanic turned off at about 2:18, some 2 minutes before titanic sank, it is believed the lights went off just few seconds before the break-up happened

How do you turn on the parking lights on a 2002 Volkswagen beetle?

The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

What causes the lights in your house to be turned on by turning on the washer machine?

Because at the start and stop of motor it will take high current on starting of motor.

At what time of day should your head lights be turned on?

By at least some of the Sate laws one hour before sunset.

What is a circuit where the lights are turned off called?

Lights are off when the circuit is open.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

What does the lights mean when ya ignition is first turned on before the miles appear mean in a peugeot?

hi i think that is your oil level

Why wont the head lights and rear lights turn off after the ignition is turned off?

May have to be turned off manually Auto sensor bad

How do you make a circuit so the lights can be turned on and off separatley?

To design a circuit so that lights can be turned on and off separately, we connect the circuit in parallel.

What hours of the night must the lights of your vehicle be turned on?

you can have your car lights on at any time but you do not have to have them on

When i 2005 escape you turned on headlights and radio lights went out turned off headlights lights came back on radio?

If you turn up your interior dashboard light settings, then the radio display will be brighter too. The radio dims to the setting for the dashboard when the lights are turned on.

What were Christopher Columbus's previous jobs?

He was a sea captain and trader all his life before starting out for what turned out to be America.

Where do you find the fog lights in a ford focus to switch them on?

When you have your head lights turned on (the switch turned to the right all the way), pull that same switch out towards you

Does a car burn more gasoline when its lights are turned on?

head lights, dome lights, blinkers, any light.... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Why no tail lights or dash lights on 1994 Nissan sentra when head lights are turned on?

Check fuses, common circuit

Brake lights stay turned on even when lights are off on 1996 Hyundai accent?

yes, they do

What did jbl do to hornscwoggle when he turned the lights out?

beat him up

EPC light golf 5 gti?

why my epc lights turned on my car GOLF 5 GTI? why my epc lights turned on my car GOLF 5 GTI?

When does an officer turn on dash camera in vehicle?

It is supposed to be turned on as soon as they activate the lights to pull you over. Most are automatically activated when the car stops or the lights are turned on.

1998 Ford mustang GT cluster lights what does the far right amber cross light mean when it comes on and goes?

When your ignition key is turned to the run position just before starting your vehicle the warning lights will come on to check the bulbs. If the amber cross light stays on after your engine is running that indicates that the coolant level in your coolant reservoir is low