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I believe the flashers are on a separate fuse than the blinkers, that is where I would first start to look, is the fuse box


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Check your fuses if it is not your fuses i would say check your hazard switch, mine went bad on my Nissan and caused that problem

Figure out why they stopped working and repair the problem.

The speedometer and odometer may stop working in a Nissan Pathfinder due to an electrical short. It may also need a new spark plug.

They might be broken, check with a mechanic, its illegal to drive when they are broken.

depending on year. it could be a number of things. check relays, fuses and motor.

the hazard switch has two sets of contacts. when hazards turned on, blinkers cannot work,even if hazards dont work.for blinkers to work, hazard sw must be in off position-this reconnects blinker circuits to work normally. BUT-the contacts in the hazard sw get dirty and wont reconnect the blinkers to work

u need to replace the flasher unit in the vehicle

The 1983 Nissan Maxima is equipped with for flashers, one on each corner of the vehicle. The flasher relay switch is located beneath the dashboard in the passenger compartment.

they have not stopped making it.

Nissan terrano 11 techometer not working

If the speedometer breaks, it effects the odometer. Check the speedometer cable it may be broken, even under the insulation.

If the odometer stopped working and the speedometer and cruise control still work, you have a bad odometer. It is part of the speedometer assembly so the whole thing will have to be replaced.

put your car in "accessory" and turn on a blinker. You will hear the flashers noise on the stearing column under the dash

if the turbo isn't working its blown. dummy.

this could be a blown fuse, defective flasher, loose connection, or burned out bulb tk

it could be your timing is off

the brake light driver side not working

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