What is wrong with a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 31 if it starts jamming after firing about 10 rounds?

without personally shooting it and examining it .I cant tell you for sure , but here are some suggestions .Completely clean your rifle especially the breech block receiver and trigger group and magazine tube lifter and fallower 22 semi auto rifles are dirty shooters and fouling in the action can cause problems such as jamming .Sears recomends in their Mod 31 manual to compleatly clean Entire rifle every 250 rounds. also some 22 semi autos are very fussy about the type and brand of ammunition always use high velocity ammo I have good luck with federal high speed 22 LR the cheap stuff you buy at Walmart comes in 550 round boxes You rifle is fairly old it was made by High Standard for Sears in 1952 ITs 55 years old . High Standard guns are known for their High quality Your gun will also fire 22 shorts once again high speed only I own several of these guns .They are not known to jam very much unless they are really dirty I hope this helps let me know how you make out