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without personally shooting it and examining it .I cant tell you for sure , but here are some suggestions .Completely clean your rifle especially the breech block receiver and trigger group and magazine tube lifter and fallower 22 semi auto rifles are dirty shooters and fouling in the action can cause problems such as jamming .Sears recomends in their Mod 31 manual to compleatly clean Entire rifle every 250 rounds. also some 22 semi autos are very fussy about the type and brand of ammunition always use high velocity ammo I have good luck with federal high speed 22 LR the cheap stuff you buy at Walmart comes in 550 round boxes You rifle is fairly old it was made by High Standard for Sears in 1952 ITs 55 years old . High Standard guns are known for their High quality Your gun will also fire 22 shorts once again high speed only I own several of these guns .They are not known to jam very much unless they are really dirty I hope this helps let me know how you make out

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Can you use 22 caliber rounds for a titan 25 caliber pistol?


Can you shoot 9mm rounds from a 38 caliber revolver?

No, you cannot.

What different caliber rounds can an ak 47 shoot?


Can you shoot 30 caliber rounds from a 38 revolver?

No, you cannot.

What is the approximate mass of a 50 caliber round?

Bullets are measured in grains. 50 caliber rifle rounds typcially range from 650 grains to 800 grains. 50 caliber handgun rounds are typically around 325 to 350 grains.

How many rounds does a Sig Sauer 226 gun fire?

12-20 rounds depending on caliber and magazine.

What size were the bullets fired from an American machine gun in world war 2?

American Heavy Machine Guns in WW2 fired .30 caliber rounds. The .50 caliber machine gun was 0.50 caliber which is 1/2-inch diameter and about 2 inches long. The shell before firing is about 6 inches in length.

Can you use cal .32 short rounds in a .357 magnum?

No, you can only use .38 caliber rounds.

Why is your haskell js 45 cal jamming?

Because your Haskell .45 magazine is old and is unserviceable. Buy a new magazine and shoot 100 rounds through it after that it is broken in and of course always keep your Haskell oiled and ready to rock and roll if you don't the firing pin will stick.

How many rounds does the 25 caliber Rigarmi pistol hold?


How many rounds does a browning safari hold?

No way to answer without knowing the caliber.

How many rounds can the 32 caliber colt hold in the magazine?

Magazine capacity for the Model 1903 (.32 Smokeless Rimless) is 8 rounds.

What caliber did the P08 Luger take?

First introduced as using 7.65x22mm Parabellum rounds, later redesigned to fire 9x19mm Parabellum rounds.

Difference between caliber and gauge bullets?

Caliber is the size designation for rifle and handgun bullets. Guage is the size designation for shotgun rounds.

What is the firing rate of the MP5?

The Heckler and Koch MP5 has three firing rates:semi-automatic-which fires one bullet each time and as fast as you pull the trigger. Three-round burst-which fires three rounds in rapid succession after the trigger is pulled. Automatic-Which as long as you are pulling the trigger, it carries on firing either until you release your finger from the trigger or until the magazine runs out. If with an endless clip, the firing rate would be 800 Rounds per minute. Although there is an available conversion to sporting rounds (.22 LR) which reduces the firing rate to 650 Rounds per minute

How many live rounds in firing squad?

4 live and 1 blank

Use caliber in a sentence?

I will use caliber in TWO sentences: 1- The position of lead chemist would be perfect for someone of your caliber. 2- The sniper asked HQ to send more 50 caliber rounds; he is almost out of ammunition.

Does the JC Higgins Ranger shoot 22 Win Mag or long 22 rounds?

22 Long

How many rounds in gatling 5 barrel gun?

Magazine capacity varied from one model (and caliber) to another. Typically between 20 and 40 rounds.

Why are firing rounds for arms and ammunitions called so?

Have you seen any square ones .

What rounds would a rhoner sportwaffenfabrik model sm 11 6.35 fire?

.25 caliber

How many shells does a J C Higgins model 20 12 gauge hold?

The J C Higgins Model 20 holds 6 rounds with out a magazine plug

What is a guns calibre?

Most commonly how large the round is that weapon takes, a Colt .45 fires .45 Caliber ammunition, a .50 caliber machinegun fires .50 caliber rounds and so on and so forth

How many men have live bullet on firing squad?

Usually all members of a firing squad are firing live rounds. However in some cases one member has only a blank cartridge.

What is the value of a marlin rifle model 99G?

I paid $70.00 for mine, and couldn't be happier. It is prone to jamming rounds while ejecting them, but it is accurate and relatively reliable.

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