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What is wrong with a Playstation2 when it no longer reads dics?


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Your question did not specify if the discs you're experiencing trouble with are CD's, DVD's or PS2 Games. However, it could be something as simple as dust in the unit on the lens that reads the discs, which can be cleaned with a simple and inexpensive lens cleaner disc available at most audio/visual stores or your favorite video game store. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the unit itself. Let's face it, if you're like most PS2 owners, your console has taken quite a beating over the last few months/years. It probably yearns to be recycled into a PS3. PS2's are getting pretty cheap now with the PS3 on the market. It might just be time to upgrade - and what a great reason to do so. Can't afford it, grab yourself another PS2 at a bargain! Happy gaming!