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If it is burning oil, and smoking very badly (blue smoke) then the oil control rings/cylinders are shot- and the engine would have to be rebuilt or replaced. Mild puffs of blue smoke after standing and taking off like from a traffic light would indicate possible valve seal/guides that are worn out. A plugged PCV system can also cause problems as well as having too much oil in the crankcase.

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Q: What is wrong with a car that burns a lot of oil?
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What kind of motor oil is used for a 1984 Lincoln town car?

I would use 10W30 unless it burns a lot of oil, in which case I'd use 10W40. Any brand should be fine.

Can putting the wrong oil in a car cause a leak?


What happens if you use the wrong oil in your car?

Depending on the wrong oil used it could shorten the life expectancy of the engine. We need more details.

What is wrong when you just put oil in the car and it comes completely out?

One reason why oil will drain out of a car after filling it up could be a hole in an oil filter. The car will need to be fixed before being driven.

What Happens to a car engine without any coolant?

The engine temperature rises until it get so hot the internal oil burns away and then the engine locks up and stops. Then you call a wrecker and get ready to spend a lot of money or abandon the car where it sits.

How many quarts of oil are needed in a 1990 Toyota?

In this 1990 Toyota year, five quarts of oil are needed. If your car burns oil, you may need to add more.

What do you do if you put the wrong oil in your car?

The answer to this depends on what kind of oil you are talking about. If you put a heavier weight oil (like 5 weight) in your car instead of say,30 weight, it will cause your car to act sluggish in the cold weather because the oil is thicker. If you put a lighter weight (30 weight ) in a vehicle that needs a heavier oil, the car will still run but not as well as using the correct type of oil. If you put transmission oil in your car's engine oil pan by mistake; you should empty out the oil pan immediately (when the oil and car are cold) and flush it or refill it with the correct oil as soon as you have realized it was the wrong oil.

What kind of motor oil do a 1996 Seville use?

There are a few variables you need to take into account. Most importantly is the temperature that the car will be operated in. If its a colder climate stick to a 5w-30, warmer maybe a 10x-30. If the car burns some oil stick with the 10w-30 otherwise 5w-30 is perfect for you. Synthetic will prolong your oil change intervals but if the car burns oil it will become expensive quickly! Synthetic oil paired with a synthetic oil filter can give you a 5000-6000 mile oil change interval compared to that of 3500 or so with "regular" oil.

What would be wrong with a car if you drive without oil and the car dies while smoking from under the hood?

If you drive your car without oil and it dies, your engine has seized. Time to replace the engine or the vehicle.

What will cause a 2008 Mitsubishi endeavor to burn or use oil?

My 2008 burns a lot of oil also, not leaking. I have 166,000 miles. Won't buy another mitsubishi.

What does Malaysia exports?

Car, diamonds, a lot of ore, clothing and palm oil

What car uses S2870A oil filter?

A lot of Volkswagen cars use them.

I have a 1999 Suzuki king quad 300 and I'm burning a lot of oil what do you think is wrong?

Nothing is wrong. A 1999 Suzuki king quad 300 usually tends to burn a lot of oil. Many people worry something may be wrong with the engine, but chances are the quad is becoming old.

Oil is disappearing with no leaks and oil light keeps coming on car is a 1997 geo metro?

If the car does not smoke badly this may mean you are using the wrong weight motor oil. Use the proper weight oil that a dealer will recommend.

What burns hotter oil or natural gas?


Is canola oil subject to hazardous materials disposal tax?

Canola oil and peanut oil are foods and not hazardous materials. If you have a volume you may want to find a recycler or someone who burns it in their car after processing.

What wrong with 1996 3.0L Ford Taurus when the oil is milkshake color and car does not start and car was overheated?

blown head gasket

Can car be driven with check engine light on?

Drive it to the mechanic. You have something wrong and that is what the car is telling you. Oil, water, something is not right.

What are the disadvantges of pentane?

Pentane is very flammable. From crude oil which will run out. Advantages are Good fuel - gives out lot of heats when it burns.

What kind of force does a car use?

a car uses oil. it burns the oil and ,the motor pistons move when the gas is released from the burned oil to move a more mechanical thing there , which ends up as mechanical force. it uses liquid to make MECHANICAL FORCE. //petrolium

Is it normal Toyota practice to build cars that burn oil on a regular basis?

i don't think so . Toyota makes a very high quality vehicle if it burns oil something is wrong

What happens when you mix oil and sterling fluid in your car?

If you don't flush and refill with correct oil/fluid you will shorten the life expectancy of what ever you added the wrong oil to.

What is more important for a car gas or oil?

Oil -- -- -- They are both essential fluids. Without gas, the car will not work. Without oil, the car will not work. However, if you run out of gas, the car can still operate as normal once you add more, while if your car's oil leaks out, or burns away, there is a greater risk of permanent mechanical failure (locking the pistons). So I would say that it's more important to maintain the oil levels in your car than it is to maintain the gas levels in your car.

What Damage to car motors run with no oil?

Lots of damage depending on how long you can it with out oil. The list is to long of things that could go wrong.

Which hydrocarbon comes first when crude oil burns?

when crude oil burns,the first hydrocarbon comes out is natural gas.