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What is wrong with a car that burns a lot of oil?


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2004-11-23 05:56:53
2004-11-23 05:56:53

If it is burning oil, and smoking very badly (blue smoke) then the oil control rings/cylinders are shot- and the engine would have to be rebuilt or replaced. Mild puffs of blue smoke after standing and taking off like from a traffic light would indicate possible valve seal/guides that are worn out. A plugged PCV system can also cause problems as well as having too much oil in the crankcase.


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I would use 10W30 unless it burns a lot of oil, in which case I'd use 10W40. Any brand should be fine.

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Depending on the wrong oil used it could shorten the life expectancy of the engine. We need more details.

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One reason why oil will drain out of a car after filling it up could be a hole in an oil filter. The car will need to be fixed before being driven.

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The engine temperature rises until it get so hot the internal oil burns away and then the engine locks up and stops. Then you call a wrecker and get ready to spend a lot of money or abandon the car where it sits.

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The answer to this depends on what kind of oil you are talking about. If you put a heavier weight oil (like 5 weight) in your car instead of say,30 weight, it will cause your car to act sluggish in the cold weather because the oil is thicker. If you put a lighter weight (30 weight ) in a vehicle that needs a heavier oil, the car will still run but not as well as using the correct type of oil. If you put transmission oil in your car's engine oil pan by mistake; you should empty out the oil pan immediately (when the oil and car are cold) and flush it or refill it with the correct oil as soon as you have realized it was the wrong oil.

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