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What is wrong with a car that will turn on but then turns off immediately?


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chances are the battery is out of wack or the engine could be flooded

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It could either be your transmission or your car battery. Most likely you need a new battery for your car.

Because the force of the car turning causes your body to also turn

car turn off when put in to drive i hit the gas an it starts shacking an turns off why?

try checking the alternator try charging the battery with a car battery charger or getting a jump from a friend's car to get it to turn over

The starter turns the engine over.

Low fuel intake or a rusty belt or piston. Get some lube

It is either getting no fuel or no spark.

get arrested. Your car automatically turns off when your arrested then it turns back on. Another way is to total your vehicle although you wont really be able to turn it back on, the car kind of resets itself.

When a service light turns on in a vehicle it means that something is wrong with that vehicle. In order to get it to turn off, a person has two options. Have it reset by a car computer scanner, or have the problem addressed at a car shop.

Perhaps you have the wrong key

Turn car on remove positive battery terminal if car turns off alternator is bad

A computer can't think, it calculates. It reacts to a command which was pre-programmed by a human. A computer is like a car and you are the programmer; if you turn the key the motor runs, if you turn the steering wheel (mouse) the car turns. If you push the brakes it stops..... A car can't think either. It does what we command it to do and it can "crash" if you give it a wrong command or it is over-loaded.

it could be the turn signal switch

The pulley turns the belt that goes around it to turn another pulley that might turn the water pump, or alt. or a/c.

Nahh, you've got wrong info dude, my car starts on just well! :P

It shouldn't unless you're turning too sharply. You might be low on gas. There might be something mechanically wrong with your car.

The first thing I would try is to get a complete tune up.

it usually makes a 90 degree turn, sometimes more, sometimes less.

That would tell me that your battery is not dead because you do not need the car turned on for your brake lights to operate

It is basically the work the motor is doing. In your car the motor turns the crankshaft which in turn moves the car. The resistance applied by the crankshaft against the job of the motor to turn it, represents the load.

The fan turns on when you turn your car off so that the engine will cool down faster. It should only run for a few minutes, 10 max. But your fan also runs when your car is on not just when it is turned off.

First, you will accelerate the car by turning on the key. When the key turns, the turned key, which is a sensor, accelerates the motor. If the motor accelerates, and turns eventually, it would turn the cylindrical metal shaft which is connected to the rear end of the axle which will turn the wheel, and ultimately, the ground. This is the way it moves.

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