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Chances are your pet is stressed or scared. If it was choking but is still alive then problem already solved.

I had a dog who did this during seizures that were caused by calcium deficiency. Please take your dog to the vet.

AnswerIt can be something caught in his teeth or throat, or it can be a tooth infection or maybe he ate something that is causing him problems. If he's had his shots it isn't rabies. If the problem doesn't clear up right away, take the dog to a Vet in your area and have him checked out. AnswerYour poor dog should have been in the vets a long time ago. Dogs don't usually foam at the mouth if they have a bad tooth. Something could be caught in it's throat, or, possible heart problems. As the other poster said it's highly unlikely the dog has rabies if you have kept up the dog's shots at the vet. TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY! If in doubt about how your pet is feeling put yourself in their shoes and it's worth taking the pet to the vet.
2010-12-08 19:13:19
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Q: What is wrong with a dog if he is foaming at the mouth and acts like he's choking?
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