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Weak battery Loose or corroded battery cables

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Q: What is wrong with my Renault laguna 2Ltr 1998 when you turn the key on and everything goes dead or when you turn the key and the starter motor just clicks and don't turn and then other times it does?
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2005 Renault laguna 1.9 dci dash lights come on but won't start just clicks and won't quite fire is it the starter or maybe just the battery?

I also have a 2005 Laguna. And had the same problem.Turned out it was the battery.Charging it wasn't a solution.Changed it out and no more problems.

What is wrong with my Renault laguna 1998 when you turn the key and everything goes dead or turn the key and the starter motor just clicks and wont start and sometimes it will?

Sounds like bad battery connections, clean and tighten them and try again. Have the battery checked if no luck ++ Loose connections ++ This just happened to my laguna. The two connections giving power to the starter motor were loose. Couple of quick turns and it fired up first time. Took an hour to get to it as it's buried deep in the engine.

Where is the starter motor positioned in Renault laguna 1998?

Bolted to the engine at the end of the ignition wire

My 2002 laguna clicks but won't start?

Jump it, there is not enough power to starter. Ensure alternator and battery are good.

When was Renault Laguna created?

Renault Laguna was created in 1993.

Where is the start motor located on a Renault Laguna 1999?

Starter i located on the back of the engine - between manifold and driveshaft.

Is the Renault laguna front wheel drive?

Is a Renault Laguna a front wheel drive

Where is ther starter located on a Renault laguna?

Starter is located to the rear of the engine,under the exhaust manifold.Three bolts attatch it the the gearbox,access to these is from above, in the engine bay.

How do you adjust the clutch on a Renault laguna 2000?

clutch adjustment renault laguna 02 reg

How do you remove heater control panel for Renault laguna?

how do you heater control for renault laguna 1999 thanks

What countries can I find a used Renault Laguna for sale?

The Renault Laguna is a small 3 door car available in the United Kingdom. There are various models of the Renault Laguna available on the UK version of Auto Trader.

Where is the fuel cut off switch located on a Renault Laguna?

Were is the fuel cutoff switch on a 2001 Renault laguna

How do you turn off the airbag on Renault laguna 2002 reg?

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What do you do when the key fob from your Renault Laguna starts everything else besides the engine?

See the link for further info on how to fix

Where is Renault laguna fan relay?

My Renault lagunas fan is not working what is wrong with it???

Where can one find information about used Renault laguna online?

Used Renault Laguna's are hard to come by. It is best to look on websites such as Craigslist or auto websites such as Autotrader. There it is possible to find many cars including a use Renault Laguna.

Where is the tdc sensor on a Renault laguna?

Tdc sensor is located lower front of gearbox on Renault laguna diesel engine 2001 onward.

Where is the diagnostic plug on a Renault laguna 2008?

Diagnostic check on Laguna 2008

How do you replace air filter Renault laguna?

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Can you have a Renault Laguna in the US?


What motor oil do you put in a 1999 Renault laguna?

have a Renault laguna 3.0 v6 24valve engine...what is the best engine oil to use during service

How do you take your front bumper off your Renault laguna 02?

remove laguna bumper

Where can one find a cheap Renault laguna?

If you're in search of a cheap renault laguna, look no farther than the United Kingdom. There are apparently no US dealers of the Renault vehicles, and the UK is probably the closest location.

Where is the headlamp levelling relay on Laguna 2?

how change headlight bulb Renault laguna privilege

Which country is the Renault Laguna Cars from?

A Renault Laguna is originally from the country of France. It was manufactured mainly to be used as a family car. Different models have came out to which the French lay claim.