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What is wrong with the cruise control on your 1993 Nissan 240sx SE if all the buttons work the light comes on in the dash but it won't set?



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I have experience in this area. Assuming that the fuses and relays are working properly, and the green LED lights up on the "CC On" dashboard switch, ABSOLUTELY do this next: First: Check the vacuum hose on the Actuator Assembley (located conveniently on right side under the hood near firewall) for integrity, cracks, and proper seating. Replace the hose if it is cracked, split, or dry rotted ... or, cut off the bad secton and re-connect to the Actuator Assembley (if there is enough length left). Take the car out and test the CC (about 30 MPH minimum is necessary for CC to engage. Second, if the above does not apply, check that the interlock micro-switches for the brake and clutch pedals are making contact with the rubber bumpers located on the ears of each pedal, and that they are properly adjusted. These bumpers can dry rot, split, and fall out of the holes that they are inserted in, and thus the switches will not "bottom out" to close the contacts when the pedals are released and normally back. The switches are "normally open", and when the pedal is applied it opens (breaking the circuit) and disengages the Cruise Control. These switches (adjustable) must be "closed" when the pedals are released back to their normal position ... allowing the CC to actuate when "Cruise" or "Resume" is selected on the Steering Wheel. Easy Access Hint: Remove the screws from lower cover panel (below the steering column) and just let it drop freely. You will now be able to visualize, analize, test, adjust, and access the switches and bumpers more easily. Please share back your experience using this technique.