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Check ALL of the fuses and connections on the fuse pannel.

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Q: What is wrong with the instrument panel lights on your 2001 Silverado no longer work ever since you connected the dimmer cable on an after market stereo?
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Running lights and instrument panel lights do not come on right away but they do after 15 minutes 1990 Chevy silverado ANY Idea why?

the dimmer switch that controls your dash light brightness may be bad.

How do fix the instrument panel lights if the bulbs and fuse are good?

Check dimmer switch.

A wiring diagram for instrument panel lights for 1998 Ford Explorer?

instrument panel lights for 1998 ford explorer the fues is good and when dimmer swtich is good

On a 1995 Galant why would the instrument lights go off when headlights are on?

turn the dimmer switch up.

What could be the problem if the instrument cluster lights are out and the fuse is not bad?

I would check the headlamp dimmer ; it is possibly fried.

You have 99 Buick Regal and your instrument panel dimmer does not work Clock and climate control lights still work and the fuse is good but they will not brighten or dim Any thoughts are appreciated?

If none of the lights dim (including dash lights, speedo, etc) the dimmer switch is probably bad.

What is wrong when NONE of the instrument panel lights will work except the high beam light that comes on when you brighten your lights?

Instrument lights fuse blown. ANSWER #2 There is a dimmer switch that controls the illumination of the instrument panel; it may be bad or may have been accidentally turned OFF or DOWN while cleaning the dashboard.

What causes the digital instrument lights to go out on a 1989 Lincoln Continental when you turn on the headlights?

the dimmer rehostat is faulty..if you drive with the dash on full bright all the time anyway you can jump out the dimmer by jumping the two end wires on the dimmer plug

Where are dashboard lights dimmer for 2007 Camry?

The tripmeter knob located near the odometer on the instrument panal can be rotated left or right to accomplish this.

What would cause the dash broad lights to come on and off but only the dash broad lights?

Answer 1 - Instrument Lights Operate IntermittentlyWithout doing a "hands on troubleshooting" of your vehicle, no one here can be certain of the specific location and cause of your problem. However, based on your question, I suspect that the cause is a loose connection in the circuit providing power to the instrument lights, or on the instrument panel circuit board itself.It is possible also, that the instrument panel dimmer switch is wearing out.Answer 2 -The dash dimmer switch or the headlight switch is the most likely problem.

Does the lights on the dash of a peugeot 206 have a fuse or will i need a new dash cause my lights have gone out?

There is a fuse. There is also an instrument light dimmer. Make sure it is not turned all the way off before going any farther.There is a fuse. There is also an instrument light dimmer. Make sure it is not turned all the way off before going any farther.

Why do dimmer lights not dim?

probably you have wired it wrong so look at the wiring diagram that is supplied with the dimmer switch and make sure your wiring have a energy saving bulb connected whih do not like to dim they will flicker

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