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Those symptoms narrow down the ailments you may have to a few thousand. See a doctor, who may notice other symptoms that will aid in the diagnosis and treatment.

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What Does Swollen Neck Glands in Dogs Mean?

my dog has swollen neck glands he eats well and has regular bowel movements but he has been holding up his back right leg sometimes whats wrong?

2 months late feeling sick stomach cramps top of stomach feels hard and swollen tender breasts frequent urination dizzyness and backache What is wrong?

I suggest you ask your obstetrician.

Swollen glands with burning neck and burning in head?

The glands are body structures that usuallly have two functions: to protect the body from infections, and excretion of sustances like hormons x ex. So, these glands must not to be swollen and no burning sensation in any part of our body. If these signs appear somethign wrong occurs, usually infections close to these glands. The type of infection depends of the glands localization. Oscar Ortega, MD

You never get backache with your period whats wrong?

nothing, i get that all the time.

You are peeing more headaches being sick backache light periods lasting 1 or 2 days feelings werid movements in your belly but its not gas What is wrong with you?

You might be pregnant, you should see a doctor or do a home pregnancy test.

What's wrong if the day after sex you noticed your vagina was swollen and painful and now there are pimple-like bumps and your glands are swollen both in the pelvic area and your throat?

Could be numerous things you need to be seen by a Dr. or nurse at a clinic or Hospital.

What is wrong when dogs face is swollen?

What can you give your dog if he has hives all over and eye is swollen?

Is there something wrong with you if you never get headaches?

No way bro, that's just good! Your lucky, I never get headaches either.

What happens when your urinary system goes wrong?

your legs will be swollen

What is wrong if your dog has swollen eyelids?

He may have phydolikodrone disease causing swollen body parts. Source Im a vet

Could wearing silver jewelry cause headaches?

NO.........Its totaly wrong

What could be wrong if your nipples are swollen and pink?

Have you taken a pregnancy test?

What skin gland functions in excretion and temperature regulation?

These are the sweat glands, technically known as exocrine glands. That is very wrong!! Exocrine secrete hormones. The correct answer is sweat glands which is technically known as "sudoriferous glands".

What to do for your baby lizard swollen belly?

A veterinarian can diagnose what is wrong with the lizard's belly.

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

sore throat

What is it called when a horse gets a swollen lymph?

Swollen lymph nodes are called just that, swollen lymph nodes. They can be a sign of many different things wrong with a horse and should be checked by an equine very quickly.

Your dog is not feeding her pups and her breast are swollen what is wrong?

Your gonna have to feed the pups yourself if you don't your pups will die. If the dogs breast are swollen then your dog is sick.

What could be wrong if your child has a bunch of real small lumps in his neck behind and below the ear?

That sounds like glandular fever meaning (swollen glands) your best bet is antibiotics unless its caused by a virus then you should go see a pharmacist or even a doctor.

Your hamsters cheeks are swollen what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong with them. Hamsters store food in their cheek pounches and regurgitate it in the nest for later consumption.

Why does your dog have swollen nipples and stomach what is wrong?

Seems like the dog is going to have puppies!

2 months late headaches dizzyness peeing more whats wrong?

you're pregnant.

Swollen eyelids mean?

either you have been crying alot or you have something wrong wtih your eyes

Why is your cats cheek swollen?

It could be from an injury, or something is wrong with its teeth or gums. It is highly advisable to take your cat to the vet as they will be able to determine what is wrong.

Could something be medically wrong with a baby who cries with no tears?

They have no tear glands, or they were damaged

Why do i have High amylase and low lipase results?

There might be something wrong with your salivary glands.