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What is wrong with your 1981 Buick Park Avenue if it will crank but not start all after you have changed the ignition module and plugs?


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2005-03-08 10:40:28
2005-03-08 10:40:28

the only things u need 2 start a vehicle is spark, gas, & compression.......the gas u can smell the spark u can check w/ a screwdriver by putting it in the sparkplug boot and touching it 2 the block while someone tries 2 turn the engine over & the compression u can hear....if your car sounds pretty much normal when it's trying 2 start then your compression is good if it sounds like it's turning over way 2 fast then u have a compression problem if all 3 r present then u r probubly looking @ a timing chain that has jumped or a timing belt that has slipped


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what is the wiring position for the ignition module on a 1990 Buick Park Avenue?

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under the coil pack in the engine compartment. The coil pack is where the plug wires hook into it.

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Disconnect the battery. Remove the ignition coils. Remove the ignition control module that was under the coils, and replace it.

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Probally the crank shaft position sensorid replace that first next would check ignition module under ciolpack

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