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What is wrong with your 1985 Volvo wagon when it won't start and you can smell gas inside the car?

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2006-07-04 19:34:53

It could be many things: If you turn on the car and hear

clicking and no contact it could be your starter. The clicking

could also mean your battery is dead. You have obviously caused

flooding of gas and that's why the smell of gas in the car. OPEN

YOUR WINDOWS when trying to find out what is wrong with your car.

To check your battery lift up the hood and you'll see a square box

with 4 big screws on the top (talking woman talk here) but they are

called "terminals" and if you see white flaking clumps around the

terminals (those big screws) then they are corroded and this could

be your problem. BE SURE YOUR CAR IS SHUT OFF and take a rag and

clean these terminals. Then reattach them. The prongs are easy to

slip around each screw (terminal) without a problem. Get back in

the car and try starting it. If that doesn't work then try to get

someone to use their battery charger to see if that will get it

going. If this works it's time for you to get a new battery to be

on the safe side. If it's your starter then you will need a good

male friend or relative to help you with the starter and if that is

not possible then you will need a mechanic to check it out. ALWAYS


WORK DONE. Ask a neighbor or a person at work who they use as a

mechanic so you don't get a high bill when it's not necessary.

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